Task Force Victorious is the first ever permanently operating task force formation in Starfleet. From 2355 to 2369, the task force was under the command of Rear Admiral (lower grade) Maximus Hunter. The task force is named after its first flagship, the Ambassador-class Starship USS Victorious.


After sixteen exemplary years as Commanding Officer of the Victorious, Hunter was offered a position in the Admiralty for a third time in 2355. Hunter had responded that he would accept the promotion only if he retained command of the Victorious. Due to the failing relationships with the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire at that time, Starfleet Command gave in to his request and gave Hunter’s permanent task force formation concept a test. He was consequently promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral (lower grade) and was given command of the first ever permanently operating Starfleet task force which was composed of seven starships. This group was later known as Task Force Victorious and it had carved a strong reputation for itself in promoting the ideals and principles of the Federation and Starfleet in the fields of diplomacy, science and defense.

In 2364, with the decommissioning of the Ambassador-class USS Victorious, Hunter was offered to command a Galaxy class starship. Hunter accepted, but on the condition that the ship was to be named USS Victorious-A and that his old crew were to transfer with him to the new ship. His conditions were readily granted and he was given a revamped and expanded task force of eleven starships. He served as Flag Officer-in-Command, or FOIC, of the new and bigger Task Force Victorious and concurrent Commanding Officer of the Victorious-A for five years with distinction, giving the small fleet’s crews six unit citations in the process.

Task Force ComplementEdit

Task Force Victorious has a full complement of eleven (11) starships, composed of:


Task Force Victorious was regularly deployed out of Starbase 718, which is located in between Romulus and the borders of The Patriarchy for three-month missions to any point beyond the "Frontier" borders. After each three-month mission, it returns to base for at least two weeks to allow its crews time for shore leave and for needed repairs, resupplies, refits and upgrades to its complement of starships.

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