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One of the major divisions of Vanguard Command and the Vanguard Fleet is Task Force Viceroy. It is commanded by former USS Voyager Captain and now Rear Admiral (lower grade) Kathryn Janeway. It has as its flagship the Suzerain-class Fleet Carrier USS Viceroy.


Admiral Janeway was among the first senior Starfleet officers to be recruited into Vanguard Command by Fleet Admiral Maximus Hunter. She readily accepted the transfer after having spent several years behind a desk in Starfleet Headquarters. Janeway had helped Admiral Hunter in recruiting and selecting many of the senior officers who are part of Vanguard Command and the Vanguard Fleet.

Task Force ComplementEdit

Task Force Viceroy has a full complement of fifty-four (54) starships, composed of:

Task Force Viceroy has Starbase 621 as its base of operations.


Task Force Viceroy is regularly deployed out of Starbase 621 for three-month missions to any point beyond the "Frontier" borders. After each three-month mission, it returns to base for at least two weeks to allow its crews time for shore leave and for needed repairs, resupplies, refits and upgrades to its complement of starships.

Slipstream TravelEdit

Although only the USS Viceroy is the only starship in the task force with a Quantum Slipstream Drive, because of the size of the slipstream tunnel produced by the flagship, the rest of the task force can travel with it at slipstream velocity in tight formation.

Through the Quantum Slipstream Drive, the task force can be deployed to the border sectors of the Gamma Quadrant or the Delta Quadrant within a relatively short period of time and operate there.

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