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Task Force Resolute
The USS Resolute,
flagship of Task Force Resolute




Federation, Starfleet



Part of:

Ninth Fleet


Starbase 129


Current Commander:

Rear Admiral James Turner


USS Resolute

Task Force Invincible
Task Force Resolute,
lead task force of the Ninth Fleet

The mainstay unit of the Ninth Fleet is Task Force Resolute. It is one of the largest permanent task force formations in all of Starfleet.

Task force complement

Task Force Resolute is composed of sixty-three (68) combat-oriented Federation starships:


Task Force Resolute is regularly deployed out of Starbase 129 for three-month missions to any point in space beyond. After each three-month mission, it returns to base for at least two weeks to allow its crews time for shore leave and for needed repairs, resupplies, refits and upgrades to its complement of starships.

Slipstream Travel

Although the USS Resolute is the only starship in the task force with a Quantum Slipstream Drive, because of the size of the slipstream tunnel produced by the flagship, the rest of the task force can travel with it at slipstream speed in tight formation.

Through the Quantum Slipstream Drive, the task force can be deployed to the farthest sectors authorized within a relatively short period of time and operate there.