Alternate timeline
(covers information from Vanguard universe)

The logistical needs of the Vanguard Fleet and its task force formations are primarily provided by Task Force Promised Land. It is responsible for the delivery of critical starship and station parts, cargo, passengers, and medical supplies from the major Federation supply depots to the different starbases and space stations of Vanguard Command. It is led by the Hope-class Medical Cruiser USS Promised Land.

Command SetupEdit

Officially, Task Force Promised Land is under the overall command of Captain Beverly Crusher, MD, she being the Commanding Officer of the USS Promised Land. However, since she also holds the concurrent position of Chief Medical Officer of the Invincible-class Fleet Carrier-Battleship USS Invincible and spends majority of her time there, operational command of the task force falls on the shoulders of her Executive Officer, Commander Lance McCoy

Task Force ComplementEdit

Task Force Promised Land is composed of twenty-four (24) starships, namely:

Task Force Promised Land has Station Frontier as its primary base of operations.

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