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Task Force Provider
Task Force Provider unit
A unit of Task Force Provider




Federation, Starfleet



Part of:

Vanguard Command


Station Frontier
Deep Space Gamma-01
Deep Space Delta-01
Deep Space 9
Starbase 185
Starbase 335
Starbase 514


Current Commander:

Commodore Beverly Crusher

Notable Commanders:

Captain Lance McCoy, Executive Officer


USS Provider

The USS Provider,
flagship of Task Force Provider

The logistical needs of the Vanguard Fleet and Vanguard Command are primarily provided by Task Force Provider. It is responsible for the delivery of critical starship and station parts, cargo, passengers, and medical supplies from the major Federation supply depots to the different starbases and space stations of Vanguard Command. It is led by the Hope-class Medical Cruiser USS Provider.

Command setup

Officially, Task Force Provider is under the overall command of Commodore Beverly Crusher. However, since she also holds the concurrent positions of Chief Medical Officer of the USS Invincible and Division Chief of Starfleet Medical with Vanguard Command, and she divide her time between the three postings, operational command of the task force falls on the shoulders of her Executive Officer, Captain Lance McCoy

Task force complement

Task Force Provider is composed of thirty-five starships, distributed equally between the seven starbases and stations of Vanguard Command, namely: