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The other major unit in the Vanguard Command is Task Force Enterprise. It is composed of thirty (30) standard starships specifically tasked to provide autonomous capability for full execution of Federation defensive, cultural, scientific, and exploration policy in deep space or border territory, to provide multi-mission mobile platforms for a wide range of scientific and exploration research projects, to serve as frontline support during emergencies and platforms for the extension of Federation diplomacy and policy, and provide mobile platforms for testing and implementation of mission-specific or new technology of any kind.


Task Force Enterprise is led by the peace-time flagship of Starfleet, the USS Enterprise-E. The Enterprise-E was assigned to this task force right after her former Commanding Officer, then Rear Admiral (lower grade) Jean-Luc Picard accepted the transfer to the USS Invincible. Vanguard Command Flag Officer-in-Command, Fleet Admiral Maximus Hunter, promptly made the Enterprise-E as his personal flagship in most non-combat missions after Picard's transfer.

Task Force ComplementEdit

Task Force Enterprise is composed of thirty exploration-oriented Federation starships, namely:

Task Force Enterprise has Station Frontier as its base of operations.


The individual starships under Task Force Enterprise are regularly deployed out of Station Frontier for three to six-month missions to any point beyond the "Frontier" borders. After each mission, it returns to base for at least two weeks to allow its crews time for shore leave and for needed repairs, resupplies, refits and upgrades. Although it is officially designated as a separate and distinct task force, Task Force Enterprise only travels in full formation during Code Red situations. In Code Yellow situations, they travel in groups of three. In Code Blue situations, they travel individually. For the latter two code situations, the task force's designated flagship, the USS Enterprise-E is stationed wherever Fleet Admiral Maximus Hunter is located. However, on rare occasions when the ship is needed away, the Enterprise’s Executive Officer, Captain Tuvok, assumes command of the ship.

Slipstream TravelEdit

Although only the USS Enterprise-E is the only starship in the task force with a Quantum Slipstream Drive, because of the size of the slipstream tunnel produced by the flagship, the rest of the task force can travel with it at slipstream speed in tight formation.

Through the Quantum Slipstream Drive, the task force can be deployed to the border sectors of the Gamma Quadrant or the Delta Quadrant within a relatively short period of time and operate there.

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