Alternate timeline
(covers information from Vanguard universe)

One of the major divisions of Vanguard Command and the Vanguard Fleet is Task Force Dauntless. It is commanded by former USS Defiant and Deep Space 9 Captain and now rear admiral (lower grade) Benjamin Sisko. It has as its flagship the Yamato-class heavy battleship USS Dauntless.


Among the ranking officers being recruited into Vanguard Command, Hunter had the hardest time convincing Sisko to join him. Sisko had had his fill of wars and was happily contented living the life of a family man on Bajor. Besides, he had argued that he had been away from Starfleet for eight years already and felt he was rusty. But Hunter thought otherwise. Sisko, together with James T. Kirk, William Riker, Elizabeth Shelby, Kathryn Janeway, Mackenzie Calhoun, Kira Nerys and other prospects for command positions in Vanguard Command, were invited to observe the one-month shakedown cruise of the Fleet Carrier-Heavy Battleship hybrid USS Invincible and the Task Force Invincible. And during that cruise, they were brought just inside the borders of the Delta Quadrant to witness a large Borg-Dominion-Hirogen fleet being built, the first of what was estimated to be many, for the sole purpose of attacking the Alpha Quadrant. This scene convinced not only Sisko, but the rest of the gathered Starfleet commanders of the necessity of their presence in Vanguard Command.

Task Force ComplementEdit

Task Force Dauntless has a full complement of fifty-four (54) starships, composed of:

Task Force Dauntless has the much enlarged and modified Deep Space 9 as its base of operations.


Task Force Dauntless is regularly deployed out of Station Deep Space 9 for three-month missions to any point beyond the "Frontier" borders. After each three-month mission, it returns to base for at least two weeks to allow its crews time for shore leave and for needed repairs, resupplies, refits and upgrades to its complement of starships.

Once a year, Task Force Dauntless, or Task Force Regent, temporarily replaces Task Force Belligerent in the Gamma Quadrant for major maintenance and R&R purposes of the latter.

Slipstream TravelEdit

Although only the USS Dauntless is the only starship in the task force with a Quantum Slipstream Drive, the rest of the task force can travel with it at slipstream speed in tight formation because of the size of the slipstream tunnel produced by the flagship.

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