A Tactical Officer is the person who is in control of all ship-based weapons systems. The Tactical Officer's duties are to maintain battle readiness of the ship and crew.

Duties and FunctionsEdit

Although battle orders are given by the commanding officer and executive officer, they will often delegate much of the fighting of the ship to the Tactical Officer, just as they will allow the Helmsman to take the initiative in maneuvering the ship in battle. As such, the Tactical Officer must be expert at the ship's defensive systems and offensive weapons in particular. In addition, he must research and know much about the offensive/defensive capabilities of any and all vessel types that might be encountered in the region of space that the ship is operating in.

The Tactical Officer conducts readiness drills, equipment inspections, live fire and simulated exercises. As a department head, the Tactical Officer also coordinates with the chief engineer to ensure that all offensive and defensive systems are maintained in peak operating condition. The helmsman will also coordinate with the Tactical Officer to come up with maneuvers that best complement the ship's offensive and defensive systems.


In most cases, the tactical officer is also security chief and usually serves as the second officer or third officer of the ship. Tactical Officers are usually of the rank of Lieutenant or above.

Known Tactical OfficersEdit

Known Chiefs of SecurityEdit

Vanguard CommandEdit

Onboard the Invincible-class Fleet carrier-Heavy battleship USS Invincible, the Chief Tactical Officer is Commander Rexar of Kojarra.

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