You many be looking for the position: Chief tactical officer.

The Tactical Officer, Tactics Officer, or Tactical Aide, was an officer stationed at the tactical station who was in control of all ship- and station-based weapons systems. The tactical officer's duties were to maintain battle readiness of the ship and crew. The Chief Tactical Officer managed a starship or station's team of tactical officers.

Duties and FunctionsEdit

Although battle orders were given by the commanding officer and executive officer, they often delegated much of the fighting of the ship to the tactical officer on duty. As such, tactical officers were required to have expert knowledge of the ship or station's defensive systems and offensive weaponry. In addition, the officer is expected to be familiar with both the offensive and defensive capabilities of any and all vessel types that might be encountered in the region of space in which the starship or station operates.

Tactical officers also assisted the Chief tactical officer in conducting readiness drills, equipment inspections, live fire, and simulated exercises.


Tactical Officers are usually of the rank of Lieutenant or above.

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