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A Tactical Fighter Group is the largest unit of command for a fighter complement onboard a Federation starship. Organized, equipped and trained to embark on the largest carrier-type starships, a Tactical Fighter Group boasts of between two to six Tactical Fighter Wings composed of squadrons of 9 fighters per squadron. This translates to a total of 72 to 216 individual fighters in a Tactical Fighter Group.

Akira-class Heavy Cruisers usually feature one Tactical Fighter Wing, or 36 fighters in their full fly-through decks.

Dauntless-class Command Battleships, Suzerain-class Fleet Carriers, and Invincible-class Command Fleet Carrier-Battleships feature Tactical Fighter Groups of two to six Tactical Fighter Wings in their flight decks.

Tactical Fighter Groups are commanded by a Fighter Group Command Officer holding the rank of Captain.