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USS Averroes – 2370; USS Penumbra – 2375; USS Invincible - 2385


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For mirror universe counterpart, see T'Lenn (mirror).

T’Lenn was born on Vulcan in 2332. She was the eldest of six children. She grew up with her grandparents and was trained in traditional Vulcan disciplines. In addition, T’Lenn had some science training as she had served in the Vulcan Science Institute for several years.

T’Lenn’s penchant for the scientific method and clear-cut choices has given her a healthy dose of skepticism, which usually provides a command asset in dealing with new situations. Her preference for difficult studies is self-traced back to childhood, when she would prefer that to outdoor play.

Starfleet AcademyEdit

T’Lenn entered Starfleet Academy in 2350 in the same class as Benjamin Sisko and Burgoyne 172.

Early Starfleet careerEdit

Upon graduation in 2354, Ensign T’Lenn was posted as a Junior Science Officer aboard the Oberth-class Science Ship USS Armstrong. During her five-year stay with the Armstrong, T’Lenn showed an aptitude for starship piloting and for operations. Her natural proficiency impressed even her Vulcan Commanding Officer.

Starfleet Academy instructorEdit

In 2359, T’Lenn was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant junior grade and was posted planet-side as a science instructor at Starfleet Academy. She remained there for five years.

Starship Science DepartmentEdit

After a fruitful though rather pedantic life in Starfleet Academy, T’Lenn requested for a deep space assignment onboard a starship in 2364. She was subsequently posted as a Senior Science Officer onboard the Nebula-class USS Farragut and received a promotion to lieutenant upon arrival.

In 2370, her extensive scientific background, experience and skills earned her promotion to Lieutenant commander and a posting as Chief Science Officer onboard the Nova-class Science Frigate USS Averroes.

First Officer of USS PenumbraEdit

Her renown in the field of geology, astrophysics, exobiology, and temporal anomalies made her the top choice of Starfleet Command to assume the post of First Officer of the Nova-class science vessel USS Penumbra in 2375. She was thus promoted to the rank of Commander.

During her tenure with the Penumbra, her ship chased and studied the Nexus, which had made quite a stir in Starfleet Science after the incident on Veridian III.

Vanguard CommandEdit

In 2385, T'lenn was transferred onboard the Invincible-class Fleet Carrier-Heavy Battleship prototype USS Invincible. She was assigned as the vessel's Chief Science Officer by Rear admiral (upper grade) Jean-Luc Picard.

Starfleet Performance EvaluationEdit

T’Lenn often appears to be in a bad mood due to her stern expression. In her twenties, she was good at making friends even though she was characteristically unemotional even then. She always had a zest for life especially while at the Academy and in her early career. As a Vulcan, she does not readily admit it, but she does have some close friends, all of which were classmates with her at the Academy. T'lenn is especially gifted in scientific subjects and geology, exobiology, temporal anomalies and astrophysics are particular interest of hers. She is also fairly adept at the Vulcan mind meld and mind brush and has performed the technique while on various missions.

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