Alternate timeline
(covers information from Vanguard universe)



Fleet carrier



48 decks


320 officers, 2,880 enlisted; (ship crew= 220 officers, 2,080 enlisted; starfighter crew = 100 officers, 800 enlisted)


Warp 9.975 (12 hours)


10 rapid fire torpedo launchers (5-tube); 2 rapid fire torpedo turrets (3-tube); 10 micro-torpedo phalanx array (5 star, 5 port); 400 Q-II quantum torpedoes; 100 transphasic torpedoes; 1,000 Mark IV photon torpedoes; 1,200 quantum micro-torpedoes; 12 Type-XIV phaser arrays; 6 Type-XIV Pulse Phaser Cannons


regenerative Multiphasic Shielding; ablative hull armor; regenerative ablative armor plating


The Suzerain-class is Starfleet's second major carrier type of starship, next to the Invincible-class, designed to carry squadrons of starfighters into combat scenarios well as overpower heavily armed enemy starships in one-on-one encounters.


With over twice the EVA capability of a Sovereign-class Battleship, the Suzerain-class developed in the 2370s was the expansion of the technologies pioneered with the Typhon-class carriers whose missions would be primarily combat-based. The Suzerain’s hull configuration is comparable to other established Starfleet vessels. The Suzerain-class is currently one of the few Starfleet vessels that has enough firepower for any combat role yet also carries the full capabilities of an exploratory starship. The Suzerain is equipped with Starfleet's most advanced weapon and defense systems, and she is also one of Starfleet's fastest large ships in operation. The ship is also designed with full flag facilities and these ships usually serve as the flagships of the secondary task forces comprising a full fleet. The ship consisted of a crew of 3,200 Starfleet personnel, but with a battalion of 800 marines commanded by a major, the ship could have 4,000 persons serving onboard.

Offensive SystemsEdit

The Suzerain-class carries a heavy torpedo armament. The phaser and torpedo firepower of the Suzerain-class Fleet Carrier makes her a powerful force in ship-to-ship combat. The ship’s weaponry systems consist of the most advanced phaser and torpedo systems available.


The Suzerain features ten (10) brand new 5-tube rapid fire torpedo launchers and two (2) 3-tube rapid fire torpedo turrets as her primary weapons.

The vessel also features ten (10) micro-torpedo arrays that face directly out at five (5) each to port and starboard, a unique feature in a Starfleet vessel. The micro-torpedoes arranged in a 'phalanx' array along the port and starboard sides of the ship allow an astoundingly high rate of fire that can cripple any enemy starship. With the 'broadside' arrangement of the 'phalanx' the Suzerain can defend itself against strike fighters defending the fixed facilities while maintaining its focus on destroying its primary target.


The vessel is equipped with a new variant of the Type-XIV Phaser Arrays, which equips the Federation's most powerful starbases and deep space facilities. She has twelve (1w) Type-XIV Phaser Arrays (known as Sovereign-Type), and six (6) Type-XV (commonly known as Defiant-Type) Pulse Phaser Cannons.

All told, the Suzerain-class has an overall 100% increase in phaser capability over the Sovereign-class.

Defensive SystemsEdit


The shield system of the Suzerain-class is likewise the most powerful of any Starfleet ship; the design was modified just prior to installation in order to have regenerative and multiphasic features and to increase effectiveness against both high energy tractor beams and phased polaron particles, measures clearly aimed at the Borg and Dominion respectively. Under normal operation, the shield modulation frequencies are controlled by the ship's computer system, which continually evaluates incoming weapons fire and automatically re-modulates the shields to provide the most effective possible defense. It is thought that this system can also prevent beam-through by Borg transporter technology.

Hull PlatingEdit

The Suzerain-class boasts of a hull that is made of overlapping and regenerative ablative hull armor that allows it to take many direct hits from enemy fire even with minimal shields.

In addition, the class has been equipped with two armor generators that can deploy a thick layer made of ablative armor plating along the contours of the entire ship when activated. This can be done through the armor emitters that are installed at different points on the ship's hulls.

This triple redundancy feature of shields and armor on the Suzerain-class makes it practically impervious to Borg and Dominion firepower. However, due to the huge energy needed to activate both the shields and the generated armor coating at the same time, the Suzerain can only use these simultaneously for a maximum of thirty (30) minutes. As a result, the shields and the generated armor coating are used alternately when the ship is in battle.

Carrier FeaturesEdit

Suzerain-class Fleet Carriers are outfitted with a full-fly through hangar on Deck 14 in the Carrier Hull of the ship.

Tactical Fighter GroupEdit

The Suzerain is able to carry twelve (12) full squadrons of fighter shuttles, totaling ninety (90) Phantom-class Advanced Tactical Combat Shuttles and eighteen (18) Hawk-class Heavy Strike Fighters.

Standard Auxiliary Craft ComplementEdit

The Suzerain also features a complement of twenty-four (24) shuttlecrafts of varying types, nine (9) Danube-class runabouts, and six (6) Delta Flyer-class shuttlecrafts, with support facilities for all.

Flag FacilitiesEdit

Another special feature of the Suzerain-class is the full flag facilities it was equipped with. Suzerain-class starships serve as the flagships of the fleets of Starfleet. A primary flag facility onboard is the Fleet Operations Center, which is found at the rear half portion of the Main Bridge. The Fleet Operations Center is where coordination between task force elements and planning for task force operations are done. It is the nerve center of the task force or the fleet being led by the Suzerain-class. It also serves as a briefing room for command staff and department heads.

Crew and Diplomatic FacilitiesEdit

The Suzerain-class boasts of a large crew complement, opulent crew quarters, guest comforts and facilities, recreation facilities and impressive diplomatic capabilities.

Mess LoungesEdit

There are three (3) large mess lounges onboard that are equipped with full bar and kitchen facilities. Each mess lounge is large and has a very relaxed and congenial air about it. Each has a battery of recreational games and assorted means of entertainment. At the head of the hall were open slots that served as dispensers for the replicators. The mass-use replicators are able to produce other food and non-alcoholic beverages with an extensive recipe listing from over two hundred worlds for the crew to enjoy in this relaxed social setting. The most notable accessory to the lounge is a modest-sized bar area, offering a wide selection of synthetic and alcoholic beverages, such as chech'tluth, Aldebaran whiskey, Saurian brandy, Tzartak aperitif, Tamarian Frost, C&E Warp Lager, Warnog, Antarean brandy, and countless others. Eating accommodations are provided by a slew of tables and chairs. In addition, the mess lounges can double as large meeting areas that could be used to conduct crew briefings and mission profiles. A tall screen panel located on one of the walls can be used as a visual aid to display graphics.


There are two sickbay facilities located onboard the Suzerain-class. The primary facility has two intensive-care wards, a laboratory, and the Chief Medical Officer's office. The secondary facility has two dedicated surgery suites, a physical therapy facility, and a null-gravy therapy ward. The primary facility is located on the port side of the vessel and the secondary facility is located on the starboard side. Also pursuant to new Medical Protocols, all Primary Medical Facilities are equipped with holo-emitters for the usage of the Emergency Medical Hologram System.

Holodecks & Other FacilitiesEdit

Twelve (12) standard Holodeck facilities and twenty-four (32) holosuites are scattered all over the ship.

The gym facilities of the Suzerain are not overly spacious, but are numerous and are well outfitted. The facilities include variable weight machines, isometric machines, and calisthenic machines and a sparring ring configured for Anbo-Jitsu but easily modified and/or expanded for other practices. All equipment is equipped with the ability to variate gravity for those species that are physically biased toward higher or lower than standard gravity.

Science FeaturesEdit

Astrometrics & Stellar CartographyEdit

The Suzerain also boasts of a large Astrometrics and Stellar Cartography Department, which is not only dedicated to the science and practice of charting space, but could also be used for long-range communications purposes or even, as a workplace for easy access to sensor information. It features a holotank which allows a person to gain a 360° panoramic view of an area using holographic technology. There were a series of control panels to manipulate the screen. The area below the screen and in front of the control panels could be used as a stage during presentations. Astrometrics also include six additional workstations on the side wall.

Science LabsEdit

There are twenty-five (25) science labs on the Suzerain-class. Fifteen (15) are non-specific labs are easily modified for various scientific endeavors including Bio/Chem, and Physics tests and/or experiments. Ten (10) are specific labs on Planetary Development, Geologic Studies, Languages/Archaeology, XT (extra-terrestrial) analysis, Eugenics, Biologics Laboratories, Atmospheric Physics experiments, and High-Energy Physics. There are also five smaller labs which can be configured for astrophysics/astrometrics and stellar cartography studies. Science Department crews rotate often among these laboratories. The Chief Science Officer’s office is attached to this bank of labs.

Companion StarshipsEdit

Mounted on the aft dorsal portion of the ship, three Defiant-class armored escorts rest in recessed hatchways. These ships are deployed to serve as “companion” ships whenever the Suzerian goes on solitary special missions. Each ship has an assigned detail from the Suzerian’s main crew (or pre-selected from other vessels in in a task force).

Propulsion SystemsEdit

Redundant warp and impulse nacelles were designed on the Suzerain so that she can sustain heavy damage, and still maneuver.

Warp DriveEdit

The ship's warp engines are based on a new concept in warp drive design, one which eliminates subspace distortion effects inherent to standard warp drives. In addition, the four warp nacelles have been brought closer to the hulls (dorsal and port or starboard side of the carrier hull) to a minimum safe distance for field EM. With a normal cruise speed of Warp 7.5, a maximum cruise speed of Warp 9.85 and a top speed of Warp 9.975 sustainable for up to twelve hours, Suzerain-class starships are currently some of the fastest vessels in Starfleet.

Quantum Slipstream DriveEdit

Also, the ship is equipped with a Quantum Slipstream Drive. The ship is allowed to use the Quantum Slipstream Drive and travel at superfast transwarp speeds only once every two weeks. These very high speed capabilities are intended to allow the ship to deploy as rapidly as possible to potential trouble spots and to reach the Gamma Quadrant and Delta Quadrant, or to any distant location in a comparatively shorter period of time on very special occasions.

Emergency Holographic ComplementEdit

This class has holo-emitters installed throughout the ship, allowing the ship's Emergency Holographic Complement to operate in all areas of the ship. There are a total of twenty-six (26) emergency holograms that are of seven (7) different functions installed on the Suzerain-class:

Each hologram is supplied with a mobile emitter, reproductions of the original device that was used by the EMH of USS Voyager. This allows the hologram to perform missions outside the confines of the ship.

Command and Senior StaffEdit

Owing to their being task force flagships, Suzerain-class starships have Commanding Officers that have the rank of Rear Admiral (lower grade), while Executive Officers, Second Officers, Third Officers, and CAGs are of Captain rank.

Auxiliary StarshipsEdit

Mounted on the Carrier Section, three (3) Defiant class armored escorts rest in recessed hatchways. These ships are deployed on the occasions when the Suzerain-class is forced to go on solitary special missions without its permanent escort complement or attached task force. They serve as immediate companion ships. Each ship has an assigned detail of forty (40) personnel from the Suzerain’s main crew.

Task Force Flagship RoleEdit

Suzerain-class starships are designed to serve as flagships of the largest task force formations of Starfleet. As such, she is accompanied by fifty-four (54) combat oriented starships during task force formations. Suzerain-class starships are also the only ships in Starfleet with a permanently attached escort complement of one Akira-class heavy cruiser, one Prometheus-class tactical assault cruiser, one Intrepid-class scout, two Steamrunner-class light cruisers, and two Saber-class frigates.

Vanguard CommandEdit

As with the Yamato-class, only six vessels of the Suzerian-class have been built. All six are often deployed as secondary platforms of the three major fleets of Starfleet to "hot spots" were Starfleet Command is expecting a fight.

There are three Suzerain-class Fleet Carriers assigned to the Vanguard Fleet, designated as flagships of the second, third and fourth task force formations, respectively. Suzerain-class Fleet Carriers have commanding officers that have the rank of Rear Admiral (lower grade).

The USS Viceroy, a Suzerain-class Fleet Carrier, is the flagship of Task Force Viceroy of the Vanguard Fleet, while her sister ship, the USS Regent, is the flagship of Task Force Regent. Another sister ship, the USS Shogun, is the flagship of Task Force Shogun.

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