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Strike Package

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IKS mupwI'


February 28, 2409


Klingon Defense Force


Kinetic bombardment weapon


Second Lieutenant Norigom


Inertia from deploying ship, gimbal-mount chemical rocket (course corrections only)

"Basic physics. High mass plus high velocity equals ouch."
Second Lieutenant Norigom, when queried by General K'Bor, son of QulDun

The strike package was the name given to a bombardment weapon devised by Second Lieutenant Norigom of the IKS mupwI' in 2409 for the raid on Utopia Planitia.


The strike package was an incredibly simple weapon consisting of ten metric tons of uranium-238, a crude gimbal-mounted chemical rocket, and a basic RADAR guidance system capable of making very minor course corrections.

It worked purely on kinetic energy. Despite the rocket motor, once dropped from the cargo bay of a starship it would continue on effectively the same course and speed from which it was released. Simple physics meant that the velocity of the deploying starship dictated the resulting yield. (RFRP: "Why Do You Fight?")


Norigom based the weapon on crude kinetic mines he had devised during the Klingon-Gorn War, chunks of asteroids he had fitted with rocket motors featuring remote triggers. With these weapons the Nausicaan successfully destroyed the Negh'Var-class starship IKS HoSbegh.

The mupwI' deployed the strike package to attack the control center of Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards on 2 March 2409, launching it at 25,000 kilometers per second. Seventeen seconds later, the weapon impacted with a theoretical yield equivalent to 750.7 megatons of TNT, obliterating the control center. Part of the weapon continued on to impact on the Martian surface. (RFRP: "Why Do You Fight?")

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