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Stellar cartography
Picard and Data in stellar cartography

The stellar cartography department was an area of a starship dedicated to the science and practice of charting planets or space. During the 23rd century it was known as the cartographic section

In 2369, Lieutenant Commander Nella Daren worked as a specialist in the stellar cartography department aboard the USS Enterprise-D. She approved the transfer of Ensign Cabot from quantum mechanics to the stellar cartography department, without first consulting with Commander William T. Riker. This was considered to be a breach in protocol.

In early 2368, three new stellar cartographers transferred from the USS Zhukovto the Enterprise-D.

In 2369, the stellar cartography department of the Enterprise-D charted the globular cluster FGC-13, located in the Amargosa Diaspora.

In 2371, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Lieutenant Commander Data visited the stellar cartography department in an effort to research the motivations behind the actions of Dr. Tolian Soran. The stellar cartography aboard the USS Enterprise-E was on deck 11.

On the USS Voyager, Jenny Delaney and Megan Delaney served in stellar cartography. In 2374, stellar cartography was replaced with an astrometrics lab. 

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