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Station Frontier
Station Frontier


Federation, Starfleet





Station Personnel:
10,000 (2,000 officers, 8,000 enlisted)
Civilian population:


32 Type-XII pulse phaser arrays (rotary mounts)
64 Type-XII phaser turrets (stationary mounts)
64 Type-XII phaser turrets (sliding mounts)
60 torpedo launchers
+ 8,000 photon torpedo packages
+ 3,000 quantum torpedo packages


regenerative ablative armor
regenerative multiphasic shielding

Station Frontier1

Station Frontier is the largest and most powerful Federation starbase ever constructed in the 24th century. It serves as the headquarters and center of operations of Vanguard Command and the Vanguard Fleet. The station's base commander is Vice admiral Anastassia Folonova, the senior Deputy Flag Officer-in-Command of Vanguard.

Station frontier is a massive space station. It is one of very few Immense-class starbases ever created by Starfleet. It is the largest Federation asset to the "Frontier Region".


In 2384 the construction of the Starfleet support facility-cum-civilian habitat Space Station Frontier was completed. For many years, Starfleet had constructed this installation in utmost secrecy, bringing various parts of the station bit by bit to its site of construction. Starfleet had already foreseen the need to establish such a bulwark of the Federation in that part of space.


Station Frontier orbits the third planet of the Coronalis System, located at the very edge of the Federation's "Frontier Region", which faces the Galactic Core to the front, the Bajoran wormhole and the Gamma Quadrant to the left, and the Delta Quadrant to the right, all in real space. Far from main Federation space, Station Frontier was designed to be a self-sustaining center for Starfleet operations, border protection, diplomacy, exploration and commerce.

Ship support

Station Frontier is protected by the Station Frontier Defense Task Force of the Vanguard Fleet. The task force is composed of fourteen (14) starships, namely:

It also has a non-tactical ship support complement, which is part of Task Force Provider (Vanguard) namely:

The task force is commanded by Station Frontier's Executive Officer, Captain Samuel Freeman.

Vanguard Command

Since its operation in 2385 as the main base of operations and main headquarters of Vanguard Command and the Vanguard Fleet, it has assumed great commercial, scientific, and strategic importance in the Alpha Quadrant.

Because of the sheer number of starships in the Vanguard Fleet and the other task forces, most of the ships just “park in orbit” above or below the station’s docking rings, in task force formation.