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(covers information from Vanguard universe)

Station Frontier is ably defended by the Station Defense Task Force. It is the permanent ship complement of the station.


Being the headquarters of Starfleet's Vanguard Command and the hub of Federation activity in the Frontier Region, Station Frontier needed the means to interdict and intercept any starship or group of starships with hostile intent that might threaten the lives and property of the station's residents and habitues. During the course of its construction, the station had experienced and survived several attacks and attempted raids from Klingon, Romulan, Breen and Cardassian mercenaries respectively.

Considering the size and strategic importance of Station Frontier, a starship complement that is larger in number than what is usually assigned to a Federation starbase was needed. This led Fleet admiral Maximus Hunter, Flag Officer-in-Command of Vanguard Command and Vanguard Fleet, to form the Station Defense Task Force.

Command StructureEdit

It has as its flagship the Akira-class Heavy Cruiser USS Claymore, which is usually commanded by Station Frontier's executive officer, Captain Samuel Freeman. The task force is under the overall command of Station Frontier base commander Vice admiral Anastassia Folonova, who is the senior Deputy Flag Officer-in-Command and second-in-command of Vanguard Command.

Task Force CompositionEdit

The Station Defense Task Force is composed of fourteen (14) starships, namely:


Starships of the Station Defense Task Force are usually deployed for patrol missions to within ten (10) lights from Station Frontier. Only on very special situations, when no other ship under Vanguard Command is available, are these allowed to travel beyond ten (10) light years.

Special MandateEdit

The Station Defense Task Force has a special mandate of deploying part of its total complement to come to the aid of Starfleet units assigned to nearby orbital outposts and to the other major starbases of Vanguard Command that are not the bases of operations of any of the Vanguard Fleet's task forces when they are under hostile attack.

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