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Starfleet Marine Corps
Starfleet Marine Corps by StarTrekAdmiral




United Federation of Planets



Commanding Officers:

Malcolm Reed (Founder)

Starfleet Marine Corps by ImtheoriginalLestat

The Starfleet Marine Corps (SFMC) is a modern descendant of naval infantry, based upon marines and army infantry of many Federation member planets.

As with the Starfighter Corps and Starfleet Intelligence, the SFMC is an autonomous branch of the Starfleet Operating Forces, falling under the jurisdiction of the Starfleet Commander-in-Chief, but not under the auspices of Starfleet itself. The Commanding officer of the SFMC is the Force Marshall, a rank equivalent to Fleet Admiral.

The primary role of the Marines within the fleet is to maintain a well armed offensive & defensive force for rapid deployment anywhere within Federation and outlying space. Marine detachments are stationed aboard starships and bases where they assist the crew in battles, board enemy ships and conduct planetary actions as well as assist in the protection of starports and bases. They also serve as a landing force; securing an area for transporter or shuttle landing. Unlike security, Marines do not walk a patrol, investigate crime or administer the brig and, unlike tactical, Marines do not operate the ship's weaponry. As a result of their mixed land and space role, Marine forces are mainly specialized in amphibious (figuratively 'of two worlds') assaults using infantry, armour, artillery, air/spacecraft, and watercraft. They train for many combat scenarios including hostage recovery, rescue of Federation citizens caught in the midst of civil war as well as full ground based combat.


The SFMC is split into ten numbered Expeditionary Forces. Within each expeditionary force are five Corps, plus a Brigade each of Artillery and Marine Rangers. Every corps has three Divisions each made up of three Brigades and an Armored Regiment. A brigade has five Regiments and a Battalion of Marine Scouts. A Regiment is two Battalions of five Companies each, plus an extra Platoon of scouts. Every Company is a pair of Platoons of five Squads, each made of three Fire Teams of four Marines.

Composition of the SFMC
Unit Composition Personnel Typical Command Rank
Starfleet Marine Corps Ten (10) Expeditionary Forces 6,954,568 Force General
Expeditionary Force Five (5) Corps, One (1) Artillery Brigade, One (1) Ranger Brigade 694,704 General
Corps Three (3) Divisions 135,483 Lieutenant General
Division Three (3) Brigades 43,834 Major General
Brigade Five (5) Regiments, One (1) Scout Battalion 12,907 Brigadier General
Regiment Two (2) Battalions, One (1) Scout Platoon 2,005 Colonel
Battalion Five (5) Companies 924 Major
Company Two (2) Platoons 157 Senior Lieutenant
Platoon Five (5) Squads 67 Second Lieutenant
Squad Three (3) Infantry Fire Teams 12 Sergeant
Fire Team Four (4) Marine Troopers 4 Corporal
Artillery Brigade Five (5) Artillery Regiments 10,508 Brigadier General
Artillery Regiment Three (3) Artillery Battalions 1,928 Colonel
Artillery Battalion Eight (8) Batteries 626 Lieutenant Colonel
Battery Three (3) Sections 77 Senior Lieutenant
Section Two (2) Artillery Pieces w/ Gun Crews 24 Second Lieutenant
Gun Crew One (1) Artillery Piece 11 Staff Sergeant
Marine Armored Division
Armored Regiment Three (3) Armored Squadrons 2,487 Colonel
Armored Squadron Four (4) Armored Troops 803 Lieutenant Colonel
Armored Troop Six (6) Armored Platoons 167 Senior Lieutenant
Armored Platoon Two (2) Class 6 Tanks w/ Crews 22 Warrant Officer
Tank Crew Four (4) Crewers 4 Sergeant First Class
Marine Scouts
Scout Battalion Three (3) Scout Squadrons 1,323 Lieutenant Colonel
Scout Squadron Four (4) Scout Platoons 435 Major
Scout Platoon Four (4) Scout Squads 107 First Lieutenant
Scout Squad Three (3) Scout Teams 25 Staff Sergeant
Scout Team Eight (8) Speeder Bikes w/ Scouts 8 Corporal
Marine Rangers
Ranger Brigade Three (3) Ranger Regiments 2,619 Major General
Ranger Regiment Eight (8) Ranger Squadrons 769 Force Colonel
Ranger Squadron Four (4) Ranger Platoons 93 Major
Ranger Platoon Five (5) Ranger Teams 22 Senior Lieutenant
Ranger Team Four (4) Marine Rangers 4 Sergeant


Since its founding, in 2161, the United Federation of Planets had always centrally relied on its Starfleet to provide military defense in times of trouble, whether it be defending the Neutral Zone against threat incursions, preventing hostile takeover by an alien force, or leading negotiations during civil wars between Federation members. Granted, the power to devastate a planetary surface without even setting foot on it was a strong deterrent, but it was not at all suited to subtler methods of preventing hostility or subduing terrorists.

Early in its formation, the Federation realized it needed a security force to protect its own vessels and installations. But it was soon discovered that the need to hold territory was of paramount importance. As the Romulan War had ushered in the dawn of the Starfleet, the first Klingon War, and the Klingon shock troops, made it clear that a specialized expeditionary force was needed. The Council thought this group of highly trained men and women would be the perfect complement to the Starfleet's peace efforts, and commissioned the Federation Marine Corps.

The mission of the Corps is to follow Federation directives, acting to preserve the peace and uphold Federation law. Whether the job calls for putting down a violent insurrection, eliminating interstellar terrorists, or simply providing a temporary peacekeeping force for a government in need.

Duty UniformEdit

Each member of the Starfleet Marines just as basic Starfleet officers wear a standard division uniform however all Marines do not share either Command, Science/Medical or Engineering division colors and instead wear uniforms consisting of a deep Kelly Green as is standard in Marine tradition.

Epsilon Force Uniforms Type 6 by Thommo1701

Standard Starfleet Marine Uniforms (2370s)

Tactical UniformEdit


Standard Type-II Marine Tactical Armor

Centrally Designed to vastly improve situational awareness, and protection of a Starfleet Marine. Starfleet Marine Tactical Armor is some of the most durable and well constructed protective gear with the Alpha Quadrant. The armor is constructed in overlapping layers of low weapons yield resistant memory fabric inside of external layers of Duranium. It is a sealed system, capable of extravehicular activity or operations in toxic atmosphere. It is hardened against EMPs and radiation, and has filters that are completely effective at removing toxins and bacteria from various local atmospheres.

The armor's shell is composed of a multilayer alloy of remarkable strength and has been augmented with a refractive coating capable of dispersing a limited amount of Disruptor and Phaser energy weapons. The suit contains a gel-filled layer underneath a thick black armored bodysuit. The gel layer regulates temperature and can reactively change its density. The inner skinsuit is made of a moisture-absorbing synthetic material linked to an environment control computer.

Each human being has a molecular fiber network called the nervous system within their brain. This network gets translated from electrochemical signals to digital code and gets routed through an interface connection in the helmet. Through this interface, input from the on board sensors comes directly to the user's mind.

The suit also possesses other features that enhance its wearer's abilities. It has numerous clips, belts, and magnetic holsters for the attachment of additional weapons and ammunition; an advanced Holo based Heads-Up-Display (HUD) linked to sensors in the gloves detects the type of weapon and devices held, and to project ammunition count, a targeting reticule, waypoints, a radio uplink for communication, health monitoring and other helpful data.

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