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ST Intelligence

Starfleet Intelligence, also known as Starfleet Intelligence Command, is the fact-finding, threat-assessing, covert operations division of Starfleet.

This command was one of the eight support commands for Starfleet Operations which was under the general jurisdiction of the Chief of Starfleet Operations. Similar to Starfleet Command, Intelligence Command was broken into three subdivisions namely Administration, Plans and Policies along and finally Operations. A Deputy Chief heads each of the divisions and reports to the Chief of Starfleet Intelligence.


Starfleet Intelligence is tasked with gathering and analyzing information concerning neighboring powers in the galaxy. The information it receives was then passed on to Starfleet Command or the Federation Council, which acts upon the information and analyzes these for appropriate action.

Ever since its creation Starfleet Intelligence functions have been to maintain military security within the Federation as well as to ensure the political integrity of the Federation Council. In order to continue its duties, Starfleet Intelligence has been known to monitor as well as alter military, economic and socio-political situations both within the Federation and outside. As such, its duties range from investigating subversive elements to surveillance of enemy fleet movements.

The range of specialized training along with the equipment they possess means that personnel from Starfleet Intelligence are thought of as elite troubleshooters. This shows in their smaller numbers when compared to Starfleet Operating Forces and instead of massive military presence, the members of Starfleet Intelligence service make use of subtler techniques ranging from deception, misinformation to misdirection in order to protect as well as preserve the security of the Federation.