A Starfighter Squadron is a squadron type of the Starfleet Starfighter Corps consisting of craft tasked for combat, patrol, and defense. They are the most common type of squadron. There are 1,620 of these squadrons, equally one starfighter squadron per Starfighter Group.

Notable Starfighter SquadronsEdit

SFFC Starfighter Squadrons
Designation Name Craft Type Current Assignment Commander
FS-1 Rogue Rogue (V) USS Miranda-B Commander Rena Starburst
FS-3 Thunderbird Bonzai USS Concorde (NCC-68001) Brigadier Cerr'lu
FS-7 Sierra Rogue (III) USS Concorde (NCC-68001) Major Ra-Ghavrel
FS-12 White Knight Rogue (IV) USS Nimitz (NCC-69591) Major Torv ch'Threl
FS-14 Vanguard Gryphon USS Galaxy (NCC-70637) Lt. Elrin Kit'ari
FS-17 Freedom Valkyrie Starbase 212 Commander AJ Terrick
FS-19 Galline Rogue (IV) USS Columbia (NCC-75072) (unknown)
FS-21 Phoenix Valkyrie (II) USS Relentless (NCC-72010-A) Commander Alia Solaris
FS-26 Simon Valkyrie USS Galactica (NCC-75075) (unknown)
FS-30 Apache Bonzai USS Concorde (NCC-68001) Major Vor Zife
FS-48 Paladin Bonzai USS Miranda-B Major Amuramia mel'Thora
FS-55 Falcon Valkyrie USS Chamberlain (NCC-43370) (unknown)
FS-63 Pilgrim Valkyrie USS Vincent (NCC-69091) (unknown)
FS-71 Chimera Valkyrie (II) Starbase Atlantis (unknown)
FS-80 Taurus Valkyrie (II) USS Atlantia (NCC-80023) Colonel Enaris Hagan
FS-96 Aurora Valkyrie (II) Starbase Atlantis Major Wes Janson
FS-111 Aries Rogue (V) USS Atlantia (NCC-80023) (unknown)
FS-117 Black Sheep Rogue (III) USS Victory (NCC-69233) (unknown)
FS-120 Nathanael Valkyrie USS Galactica (NCC-75075) (unknown)
FS-149 Slayer Rogue (IV) (unknown) (unknown)
FS-178 Uccelli Rogue (IV) USS Columbia (NCC-75072) (unknown)
FS-191 Anelli Valkyrie USS Columbia (NCC-75072) (unknown)
FS-201 Storm Rogue (IV) Starbase Atlantis Major Thomas Wellington
FS-279 Stingray Cobra Starbase One Lieutenant Stuvix
FS-284 Eagle Valkyrie Starbase One (unknown)
FS-300 Blackwing Rogue(IV) Starbase Atlantis (unknown)
FS-317 Redhawk Rogue (IV) USS Tsunami (NCC-79020) (unknown)
FS-319 Thor Cobra USS Concorde (NCC-68001) Major Sean MacGregor
FS-322 Líchun Rogue (V) USS Atlantia (NCC-80023) Colonel Yi-Taraas
FS-340 Gemini Rogue (V) USS Atlantia (NCC-80023) (unknown)
FS-359 Judas Rogue (IV) USS Galactica (NCC-75075) (unknown)
FS-360 Scarface Rogue (IV) USS Challenger (NCC-76941) (unknown)
FS-386 Angel Cobra USS Resolution Major Kular Enzo
FS-401 Dragon Valkyrie USS Relentless (NCC-72010-A) (unknown)
FS-412 Rising Sun Bonzai USS Concorde (NCC-68001) Major Vorek
FS-414 Sumter Bonzai USS Anderson (NCC-78052) (unknown)
FS-481 Black Hawk Valkyrie USS Eagle (NCC-25618-B) (unknown)
FS-506 Silver Spar Rogue (IV) USS Beowulf (NCC-24462-A) Major Patricia Caine
FS-555 Trident Cobra (unknown) (unknown)
FS-572 Lightning Rogue (IV) Starbase Atlantis (unknown)
FS-580 Jonah Rogue (IV) USS Galactica (NCC-75075) (unknown)
FS-666 Inferno Valkyrie Starbase One Lieutenant Morris Hotchkiss
FS-700 Oche Valkyrie USS Columbia (NCC-75072) (unknown)
FS-703 Adder Cobra USS Concorde (NCC-68001) Lieutenant Dkembe Muonobe
FS-723 Geiger Rogue (III) Starbase One Major Anisa Lufberry
FS-741 Emerald Knight Valkyrie (unknown) (unknown)
FS-799 Blue Squadron Rogue (III) USS Reckless (NCC-74399) (unknown)
FS-831 Vampire Bonzai USS Geneva (NCC-68992) (unknown)
FS-916 Mojave Rogue (IV) USS Concorde (NCC-68001) Lieutenant P9 Red
FS-953 War Gods Kaneda USS Olympia (NCC-73417) Major Mitzas Tol
FS-999 Wild Bull Rogue (IV) USS Nelson (NCC-79439) (unknown)
FS-1064 Shield Cobra USS Protector (NCC-77910) (unknown)
FS-1111 Cancer Valkyrie (II) USS Atlantia (NCC-80023) (unknown)
FS-1194 Pegasus Rogue (IV) USS Challenger (NCC-76941) (unknown)
FS-1201 Revolver Rogue (IV) Starbase 434 (unknown)
FS-1301 Qizhé Valkyrie (II) USS Atlantia (NCC-80023) (unknown)
FS-1461 Ranger Valkyrie USS Nelson (NCC-73439) (unknown)
FS-1470 Tiberius Rogue (V) USS Tsunami (NCC-75020) (unknown)
FS-1505 Razorback Rogue (IV) USS Hiryu (NCC-80216) (unknown)
FS-1619 Stinger Rogue (IV) USS Reliant (NCC-80160) (unknown)

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