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N.X.T. Voyager (New) 0004




Defiant (Warship VOY)


Imperial Federation of United Worlds / Imperial Starfleet





Utopia Phoenix Development Yards, Utopia City, Mars


Imperial CombatDate 48038.5


November 1, 2371


December 10, 2392










3,000 (Standard Combat Crew Holo-Drones)
1,300 (Heavy Combat Crew Holo-Drones)


12.5 - 18.9


Photonic and Quantum Torpedo Generator Grid (Hull Wide)
Holo-Torpedo Grid (Basic & Smart)
15 Heavy Phaser Arrays
64 Pulse Phaser Banks
1 Sub-Atomic Sub-Zero Beam Cannon
6 Mega-Phaser Cannons (Foward and Aft)
4 Photonic Cannon Arrays
12 Tricolbalt Warhead Launchers
5 Phase Torpedo Arrays (Kyrian)
4 Class 2 Biogenic Torpedo Generators (Viidian)
4 Biogenic beam Arrays (Krenim)


1 Heavy Particle Shield
Multiphasic Shield (Emergency)
Multi-Spectral Cloaking System (Imperial Upgrade in 2377)
Ablative armor plating
Triple armored Tiantianium Hull

Imperial Federation Central seal 001

Voyager (Imperial Registry: NXT-74656-1202) is a Defiant-class Imperial Federation Warship commissioned on November 1st, 2371 as an Prototype Science, Exploratory, and Heavy Defenses Warship. Commissioned by the Imperial Federation of United Worlds in order to explore the Delta Quadrant for new technologies and possible integration of new hostile species to be used as War Drones for the Federation.

Voyager was sent to the area known as the Badlands at the edge of the Gamma Quadrant with the permission of the Bajorian-Cardassian Alliance with the military escort of Intendent Kira Nerys. At the very border of the celestial wasteland Voyager activated its internal Caretaker Array which created an Massive displacement wave which launched Voyager 70,000 light years into the Delta Quadrant. This article and all of its linked pages will further explore and explain the universe of Warship Voyager.

Related Series MediaEdit

Series ThemeEdit

The following audio file is of Warship Voyager's series theme score.


Series Opening Credits/SequenceEdit

The following video is a possible opening sequence for Warship Voyager. (Important Editors note: The author of this article did not create this video however it was picked due to the special fx are fairly similar to what is in the authors idea of what the FX might look like.)

Star Trek Voyager SG Atlantis style Opening01:20

Star Trek Voyager SG Atlantis style Opening

Warship Voyager (Possible Opening)

Ships SpecificationsEdit

  • Crew Complement: 300 soldiers (however due to the use of Defense, Medical, Maintenance, and Extra-Vehicular Holo-drones the ship only requires a Command Crew of 10)

Fuel/Power Sources:

Ships SectionsEdit


Warship voyager

NXT Voyager Main View

D30 1920

Standard Imperial Ships Corridor

These are the various ship sections that are standard on all Imperial Warships:


These are the special sections that have been added to Voyager for science and defense purposes.

Main Science SectionsEdit

Main Defense/Offensive SectionsEdit

Deck PlanEdit

Deck No Ship Locations
Command (Forward) Section
Deck 1
Deck 2
Deck 3
  • Command Barracks
  • Captains Command Quarters
  • Stages 3 & 4 Primary Armory
Deck 4
Deck 5
Deck 6
Deck 7
StarDrive (Rear) Sections
Deck 1
Deck 2
  • 2nd Stage Tactical Fighter Shuttle Jettison Hangars
  • Tactical Shuttle Gear Compartment (Cargo Bay 2)
  • Stage 4 Photonic torpedo Generator Grid
  • Secondary Combat Simulation Core (Holo-Deck 2)
Deck 3
Deck 4
Deck 5
  • Aft (rear) anti-gravity Landing Gear
  • Secondary (Quarantine) Science Labs
  • Stage 5 Torpedo (Emergency) Generation Grid
  • Aft (bottom) Heavy phaser array
Deck 6


Command CrewEdit

Combat Crew (Standard Crewman Holo-Drones)Edit

(The reason for so many extra Standard and Special Drones is for standard, Emergency, and planetary evacuation purposes.)

Heavy Combat Crew (Special Crewman Holo-Drones)Edit

Technical DataEdit

For Further Information please see NXT Voyager 74656-1202 (Technical Information)

Main Weapons Systems (both Defensive and Offensive)Edit

Livingwitness 031

NXT Voyager (Command (Forward) Section)

Special Weapons SystemsEdit

Main Defense SystemsEdit

Special Defense SystemsEdit

Emergency Systems (Basic)Edit

Near-Unlimited complement of Emergency Flare Torpedos (Standard Ships Accessory)

Emergency Omega SystemsEdit

These are the systems only to be used as either as a form of Evacuation or Last Resort Weapons system.

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