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Star Trek: Templar is a series chronicling the adventures of Captain Tristan Marshal and the crew of the USS Templar (NX-573912). It is set in the early 25th century, twenty years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis.There are many references to mythology and the works of William Shakespeare.


Set twenty years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis, it is a dark time for the Federation. The civil war between the Romulans and the Remans continues even after the death of Praetor Shinzon. The Romulan Star Empire all but crumbles after the destruction of their homeworld. The peace between the Klingon Empire and the Federation begins to deteriorate as the Klingons begin to attack both Romulans and the Gorn. The Dominion begins to regain it's power and begins a new assault on the the Federation. The Federation also makes first contact with the hostile Ultari, a militant race obsessed with whiping out inferior and a cold war ensues. But, the discovery of the lost journal of Khan Noonien Singh may present the greatest threat of all...

The Crew of the Templar

Tristan Marshal, The captain of the starfleet ship the USS Templar and the main protagonist of the series.

Kyara, An exiled Ultari slave that was rescued by the Templar. She eventually became science officer aboard the ship and fell in love with Tristan.

Fredrick Drake, The first officer aboard the Templar. He is Tristan's closest friend and confident.

Visas, A Vulcan who believes in logic and emotion. She was the navigator and communication's officer aboard the Templar. She was also a historian.

G'Nort, A Klingon who was originally stationed aboard the USS Gladius but was transferred to the Templar. He became the helmsman aboard the ship.

Hannah Monteray, She was the medical officer aboard the Templar but she was killed on an away mission by a mysterious parasite.

Yari, A Trill who took Hannah's place as medical officer when she died.

Chyd'thirru, A Bajoran who was the tactical and security officer aboard the Templar.

Trisi Duaxor, A Bolian who was the chief engineer aboard the Templar.

Guest Stars

All of these characters have appeared in certain episodes during the series.

Jean-Luc Picard-Pilot, Razor's Edge, Vengeance Part Two, Family Lost, Revelations, Do Androids Dream?, The Cross, War of the Worlds, The Golden Age, Kingdom

Edward Shield- The Cross, Deadly Alliances

William Riker- Rouge, Checkmate

James T. Kirk-Rouge

Benjamin Sisko- Rouge

Spock- Razor's Edge, Narada, Logic

Deanna Troi- A Second Chance

Main Antagonists

The Ultari Empire

The Borg

Children of Khan

The Weird Sisters



Season One

Episode One: Pilot

Episode Two: Razor's Edge

Episode Three: Narada

Episode Four: Kyara Part One

Episode Five: Kyara Part Two

Episode Six: Bigotry

Episode Seven: Checkmate

Episode Eight: The Weird Sisters

Episode Nine: The Ides of March

Episode Ten: Cry Havok!

Episode Eleven: Tanas

Episode Twelve: Vengeance Part One

Episode Thirteen: Vengeance Part Two

Episode Fourteen: To Rule in Hell

Episode Fifteen: For Hate's Sake

Episode Sixteen: Witch Hunt

Episode Seventeen: Family Lost

Episode Eighteen: Perfection

Episode Nineteen: The Shadows Lengthen

Episode Twenty: The Hounds of War Part One

Episode Twenty-One: The Hounds of War Part Two

Season Two

Episode One: To the Future

Episode Two: Birthright

Episode Three: Sepeck

Episode Four: Caliban

Episode Five: The Slumbering Giant

Episode Six: The Deal

Episode Seven: The Devil's Advocate

Episode Eight:Ironclad

Episode Nine: A Day in the Life

Episode Ten: Revelations

Episode Eleven: The Greatest Treasure Part One

Episode Twelve: The Greatest Treasure Part Two

Episode Thirteen: A Second Chance

Episode Fourteen: Logic

Episode Fifteen: Masquerade

Episode Sixteen: Venom

Episode Seventeen: Nostalgia

Episode Eighteen: Family Tree Part One

Episode Nineteen: Family Tree Part Two

Season Three

Episode One: Raptor

Episode Two: Forever More

Episode Three: For Whom the Bell Tolls

Episode Four: The Freemasons

Episode Five: Untold Secrets

Episode Six: Broken Mirrors

Episode Seven: When Worlds Collide

Episode Eight: The Rabbit Hole

Episode Nine: Covenant

Episode Ten: The Cult

Episode Eleven: Old Foes

Episode Twelve: Vendetta

Episode Thirteen: A Window of Opportunity

Episode Fourteen: The Unsaial

Episode Fifteen: Missiah Complex

Episode Sixteen: Nightmares

Episode Seventeen: Destiny

Episode Eighteen: Visions

Episode Nineteen: Another Day

Episode Twenty: The Faustian Bargain

Season Four

Episode One: Paladin

Episode Two: Beyond the Veil

Episode Three: The Mind's Eye

Episode Four: The Knights Templar

Episode Five: The Round Table

Episode Six: Nevermore

Episode Seven: Rogue

Episode Eight: Meltdown

Episode Nine: Where No Man has Gone

Episode Ten: Blood on his Hands

Episode Eleven: Old Flames

Episode Twelve: For Glory

Episode Thirteen: Toil and Trouble

Episode Fourteen: Omens

Episode Fifteen: Moving Onward

Episode Sixteen: A Rose by any other name

Episode Seventeen: Costly Mistakes

Episode Eighteen: Rosslyn

Episode Nineteen: Unholy Alliance

Series Crossover: The Cross

Season Five

Episode One: Legions

Episode Two: Love's Keen Sting

Episode Three: The Golden Age

Episode Four: Clash of the Titans

Episode Five: The Way of the Sword

Episode Six: Darkness Falls

Episode Seven: Kingdom

Episode Eight: Peace

Episode Nine: Destiny Beckons

Episode Ten: Rapier

Episode Eleven: No Way Out

Episode Twelve: Eugenics

Episode Thirteen: The War Begins

Episode Fourteen: A Costly Victory

Episode Fifteen: A Legacy of Terror

Episode Sixteen: War of the Worlds

Episode Seventeen: Tristan and Isolde

Episode Eighteen: Deadly Alliances

Episode Nineteen: Cowboy Diplomacy

Season Six

Episode One: Distrust

Episode Two: War Machines

Episode Three: Asgard

Episode Four: Carpe Diem

Episode Five: The Road not Taken

Episode Six: Orion's Belt

Episode Seven: Colossus

Episode Eight: Desire

Episode Nine: Brave New World

Episode Ten: People

Episode Eleven: Excalibur

Episode Twelve: Day By Day

Episode Thirteen: Hallelujah

Episode Fourteen: Doubt

Episode Fifteen: The Pace Quickens

Episode Sixteen: The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Episode Seventeen: Pantheon

Episode Eighteen: The Awakening Part One

Episode Nineteen: The Awakening Part Two

Episode Twenty: Phantoms

Season Seven

Episode One: Maelstrom

Episode Two: Avalon

Episode Three: Ghosts from Yesterday

Episode Four: A Game of Chance

Episode Five: Watchtower

Episode Six: Choices we face

Episode Seven: The Carnival

Episode Eight: Kingpin

Episode Nine: The Figurehead

Episode Ten: Tick Tock

Episode Eleven: High Noon

Episode Twelve: The Witching Hour

Episode Thirteen: Shadows

Episode Fourteen: The Kindly Ones

Episode Fifteen: The Prodigal Son

Episode Sixteen: Mandala

Episode Seventeen: The Cosmos

Episode Eighteen: Apocalypse Part One

Episode Nineteen: Apocalypse Part Two

Episode Twenty: Apocalypse Part Three

Episode Twenty-One: Endgame

Episode Twenty-Two: Epilogue