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Markus Gattringer & J. Marcus Browning

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Star Trek Concordium was the working title for a prospective Series V, a successor to Star Trek: Voyager, developed between 2000 and 2004. Production would have started in late 2001 with airings in 2002 when the idea was shelved and eventually rejected in favor of Star Trek Enterprise in 2000.

The series’ setting was slightly changed after this and evolved into a hybrid style of previous incarnations of Star Trek. The series is based on Amarillo’s Starfleet Universe making heavy use of the Gorn, the Tholians and the ISC – the limited license of the Starfleet Universe made inclusion into “mainstream” Trek difficult, lending to its eventual cancellation.

Of the planned 182 episodes of the complete series (=7 seasons) 143 have been drafted (until mid of season 6) with the remainder of the seasons episodes in an incomplete state. Currently 96 episodes up to season 4 are deemed ready for production.


Concordium is set after the Dominion War, with a battered Federation struggling both with its past and its future. Rebuilding Starfleet, the post-war Federation takes a quite different stance than it did during the centuries, even modifying its core beliefs. Peace at any price is no longer an option and even preemptive strikes are in the quiver of the new Federation. And while Starfleet again focuses on exploration rather than war, defense of the Federation and its citizens can not be achieved with hundreds of aging 23rd Century starships, leading to construction programs of new tactical capable ships.

The uneasy alliance that the Federation found itself in during the Dominion War broke apart within weeks, with the Romulans quickly reverting into old patterns, and even far more firm ties with long-time allies like the Klingons and Gorn beginning to fade with the agony of loss and destruction, supplanted by the widespread mistrust of a Federation that was no longer the bedrock that it had been during the decades before.

The series focuses on the Nebula-class Cruiser USS Canopus, which is completing its refit after having fought in the Dominion War. The ship is under the auspices of Starfleet Rimward Command (RIMCOM), patrolling and exploring the thinly populated space in the direction of the galactic rim, bordering to the Klingons, Gorn and Tholians. The Canopus’ crew is composed mostly of seasoned officers, some of them veterans of the war – contrary to the preceding Star Trek series however, the crew does not include members of races that normally would not be found within Starfleet.

When the renewed exploration effort yields first contact (what was thought to be first contact then) with the Interstellar Concordium and the Mjjrni, the Federation and its allies find themselves once more threatened by an opponent that they might not be able to cope with. And political pressure, both from inside and outside the Federation, created by the looming danger and the new Federations methods to handle it is beginning to tear the once mighty interplanetary union apart…


Since the framework for Concordium was created in 2000 those parts of canon Star Trek created afterwards are not included in the series and therefore considered an alternate reality. The Romulan Star Empire still is a stable faction, there are no Remans, no Xindi, no Suliban, no Temporal Cold War and no Vice Admiral Janeway.

Differences to Standard TrekEdit

These concepts proved to be major showstoppers, contributing to Concordium’s rejection.

  • Holodeck and Time Travel episodes are to be banned from the series. This prevents episodes that slip outside of the series general setting (as in "Time's Arrow" or "The Killing Game").
  • The technological framework laid in the technical manuals would be obeyed strictly.
  • Space combat would be realistically simulated, without the close-quarters Star Wars style of common science fiction.
  • Astrophysical and astrometric laws and properties are adhered to.
  • Starfleet would be more akin to contemporary military services instead of being the loosely defined entity of preceding Trek series.
  • Concordium follows a Telenovela-style plotline, with the general plot predefined for the complete production duration, and detail plots and episode storylines defined for a season in advance.
  • Concordium features off-ship episodes, depicting events elsewhere, instead of centering everything on the main cast, as unlikely as it may be.


Main CastEdit

Name Origin Rank Position Seasons
Benjamin J. Maxwell Flag of United Kingdom Command - Captain Commanding officer 1 - 6
Petter Argusson Flag of Sweden Command - Commander Executive officer 3 - 6
Operations - Commander Operations officer 1 - 3
Avron Harpon Centaurian Operations - Commander Operations officer 3 - 5
Command - Commander Executive officer 1 - 3
Richard Llinares, MD Flag of Australia Medical - Commander Chief medical officer 1 - 6
Kailash Harijan Flag of India Operations - Lieutenant Commander Operations officer 6
Edward R. Barnes Flag of United Kingdom Tactical - Lieutenant Commander Tactical officer 1 - 6
Sonya L. Parkes Flag of United States Engineering - Lieutenant Commander Chief engineer 1 - 6
Evgeny S. Nolchanko Flag of Russia Pilot - Lieutenant Commander First Helmsman 2 - 6
Pilot - Lieutenant First Helmsman 1 - 2
Carol R. Noland Flag of United States Command - Command Master Chief Chief of the Boat 1 - 6

Supporting CastEdit

Name Origin Rank Position Seasons
Herbert X. Waters Betazoid Command - Commander Executive officer 3
Leonard R. Sims, MD Flag of United States Medical - Lieutenant Commander First Surgeon 1 - 2
Paul Espanto-Elguno Flag of Spain Engineering - Lieutenant Commander Assistant chief engineer 2 - 6
Engineering - Lieutenant Assistant Chief Engineer 1 - 2
Sulvak Vulcan Science - Lieutenant Chief Science officer 1 - 6
Phoebe M. Astoris, MD Flag of United States Medical - Lieutenant First Surgeon 4 - 6
Medical - Lieutenant Junior Grade Staff Surgeon 2 - 4
Medical - Ensign Staff Surgeon 1 - 2
Antonio J. Cortez Flag of Spain Operations - Lieutenant Operations officer 3
Operations - Lieutenant Vice operations officer 1 - 3
Gabriele Loken Flag of Norway Operations - Lieutenant Vice operations officer 5 - 6
Operations - Lieutenant Junior Grade Vice operations officer 2 - 5
Operations - Ensign Operations staff 1 - 2
Sinon Enek Bajoran Operations - Lieutenant Operations officer 5 - 6
Operations - Lieutenant Junior Grade Vice operations officer 4 - 5
Operations - Lieutenant Junior Grade Operations staff 2 - 4
Frank F. Palmer Flag of United States Tactical - Lieutenant Vice tactical officer 4 - 6
Tactical - Lieutenant Junior Grade Vice tactical officer 2 - 4
Kim Taek-Hong Flag of DPRK Pilot - Lieutenant Second Helmsman 5 - 6
Pilot - Lieutenant Junior Grade Second Helmsman 2 - 5
Paula Hemingway Flag of Bahamas Medical - Lieutenant Counselor 1 - 6
Alan P. Shapiro Flag of United States Pilot - Ensign Second Helmsman 2
Melanie S. Perkins Flag of South Africa Pilot - Ensign Second Helmsman 1 - 2
Kimberley de Grasse Netherlands Engineering - Master Chief Petty Officer Chief of Engineering 2 - 6
Engineering - Senior Chief Petty Officer Vice Chief of Engineering 1 - 2
Marcus Warren Flag of United States Engineering - Master Chief Petty Officer Chief of Engineering 1 - 2
Pok Ferengi Security - Master Chief Petty Officer Master at Arms 2 - 6
Ronald Dulles jr. Flag of United States Security - Master Chief Petty Officer Master at Arms 1 - 2


Season OneEdit

24 episodes, 2377-2378
Would have aired in the 2002/2003 season.

Title Episode Stardate
False Start 1x01 54167
Semantics 1x02 54219
Sphere of Influence 1x03 54279
Groundhog Day 1x05 54327
The Man-Eater 1x06 54338
Expeditions, Part I 1x07 54426
Expeditions, Part II 1x08 54428
Where in Time is the Canopus? 1x09 54449
Have you seen a Crocodile? 1x10 54538
Repetition 1x11 54547
The Achilles Heel 1x12 54562
Counterstrike 1x13 54597
Tales from the Crypt 1x14 54608
Evaluations 1x15 54638
Petter and the Wolf 1x16 54649
Applied Relativity 1x17 54653
Maturity 1x18 54666
Proving Grounds 1x19 54692
Pioneers 1x20 54736
A Game of Slots 1x21 54801
Hard Shoulder 1x22 54846
Armisticide 1x23 54897
Foggy Lower Decks 1x24 54915
Remnants, Part I 1x26 55019

Season TwoEdit

24 Episodes, 2378
Would have aired in the 2003/2004 season.

Title Episode Stardate
Remnants, Part II 2x01 55019
One Up 2x02 55027
The Panel 2x03 55076
Out of Uniform 2x04 55082
Eagerness 2x05 55109
Supernova 2x06 55135
Schisma 2x07 55172
Tholia 2x08 55200
The Constant Officer 2x09 55211
The Prize of War 2x10 55245
Improvements 2x11 55293
Revisionism 2x12 55316
The Spots of the Leopard 2x13 55369
Family Plans 2x14 55396
For the Sake of It 2x16 55527
Q-Cordium 2x18 55637
The Able Archer 2x19 55677
Khitomore, or less 2x20 55701
Entente Cordiale, Part I 2x21 55756
Entente Cordiale, Part II 2x22 55760
Wolves among Wolves 2x23 55763
The Future of the Empire 2x24 55824
A Good Day to Die 2x25 55870
Coup in Installments 2x26 55913

Season ThreeEdit

24 Episodes, 2378-2380
Would have aired in the 2004/2005 season.

Title Episode Stardate
Tidal Effects 3x01 55958
Power Levels 3x02 55976
An Inside Job 3x03 56027
Here Be Dragons 3x04 56052
Intrusions, Part I 3x05 56230
Intrusions, Part II 3x06 56230
Tank Diplomacy 3x07 56367
Further Installments 3x08 56383
In a Nutshell 3x09 56409
Running the Gauntlet 3x10 56451
Loss of Property 3x11 56470
Far Cry 3x12 56493
Janus 3x13 56512
Total Recall 3x14 56520
Eternal Struggle 3x15 56578
Holographic Oath 3x16 56630
Snakes and Ladders 3x17 56696
Nothing Lasts Forever 3x19 56779
Cloak and Dagger 3x20 56832
Terra Firma 3x21 56847
Blitzkrieg 3x22 56871
Opium of the People 3x24 56982
Dirty Laundry 3x25 57059
Infiltration, Part I 3x26 57092

Season FourEdit

24 Episodes, 2380
Would have aired in the 2005/2006 season.

Title Episode Stardate
Infiltration, Part II 4x01 57128
A Fistful of Latinum 4x02 57177
General Order 7 4x03 57200
Bandogs 4x04 57244
Perestroika 4x05 57275
Taking the Heat 4x06 57299
Marines 4x07 57338
Madness' Juicy Prey 4x08 57380
The Son of the King 4x09 57393
Captain's Chair 4x10 57422
A Dish Served Cold 4x11 57434
Parallels, Part I 4x12 57471
Parallels, Part II 4x13 57474
Voices in my Head 4x14 57507
The Rampart 4x16 57555
The Flying Klingon 4x17 57597
The Senior Chief Pied Piper 4x19 57661
The Warp-Conspiracy 4x20 57701
The Other Side of the Coin 4x21 57779
Poltergeister 4x22 57813
A Case Study 4x23 n/a
Canopic Games 4x24 57835
Dragons and Warriors 4x25 57883
Unnoble Intentions 4x26 57940

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