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Vulcan Planetary Map (basic)
ShiKahr montage

(Top) Vulcan High Command, (Middle, Left) Shi'Kahr from afar, (Middle, Right) V'Shar headquarters, (Bottom) Shi'Kahr from city outskirt.

Shi'Kahr is a major city and capital of the planet Vulcan. Located in the province of Shi'al, on the continent Na'nam, it is on the edge of Vulcan's Forge. Shi'Kahr is notable for being the home of the famed Vulcan philosopher Surak and epicenter of the ancient movement towards a society based on logic.


In antiquity, Shi'Kahr was a powerful and wealthy city-state, empowered in part by it's fresh water supply in the middle of the desert. As the most technologically advanced empire, neighboring empires often attempted to conquer it unsuccessfully. When General Sudoc's empire that controlled much of the planet attempted to conquer Shi'Kahr, the war lasted for decades. It was in this turmoil that Surak was born, and spread his message of peace and pacifism.

During the Time of the Beginning while other city-states were experimenting with theocratic and monarchical governments, Shi'Kahr was the first to form a type of aristocratic republic. Though the first attempt was unsuccessful, they would attempt again a second time. The building housing the Vulcan Council was built in Shi'Kahr in the 5th century AD.

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