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Seven of Nine
Livingwitness 106






Green (Ocular holographic implant on right eye)


BORG (Bio-Queen Class)


Mars (Human Homeworld)


October 19, 2370


Imperial Federation of United Worlds



Command Weapons System


NXT Voyager


Command Queen Drone



Sara Daystrom (Chief Designer)

Security by MissKorya
Borg Starfleet by HowlingWolf79
This is a IFUW BORG Tactical Officer.
For additional meanings of "Seven of Nine", please see Seven of Nine (disambiguation).

Seven of Nine is the Central Bio-Queen Class drone of the Command BORG Bio-Mechanical Weapons Core installed aboard Imperial Federation Warship NXT Voyager 74656-1202. (See Star Trek: Warship Voyager)

System BasicsEdit

  • Model Command Designation: 7 of 9 of Tertiary Uni-Matrix 01 Bio-Queen Class
  • Created: October 19, 2370
  • Place Of Creation: Imperial Federation Weapons Research And Development Labs Utopia City, Mars.
  • Current Age (From time Borg command unit was 1st activated and Primary Defense Mission begun): 8 years old

Primary Defense MissionEdit

To insure the safety of Voyager's mission and crew at all costs and to assimilate and integrate any or all new alien weapons technologies into her bio-mechanical core defense systems or to assimilate any hostile alien enemy intruders into new Borg drone reinforcements to add to Voyager's defense core.

System HistoryEdit

7 of 9 was created out of reverse engineered Borg technology. Designed by Dr. Sara Daystrom, Seven was created by Starfleet as an 1st stage Prototype weapons system to later be used by all Imperial Federation Warships. 7 of 9 was installed into Voyager's main weapons core in 2370. Seven's primary biological material was a combination of randomized human mitochondrial DNA and the genetic material of Imperial Starfleet Officer Catherine Stone which was combined with interwoven BORG Nano-Genes

Seven of Nines first Imperial ordered mission was to neutralize the combined threat of hostile Kyrian and .Vaskan forces during "the great War" with the 2 species. Within just the first encounter Seven assimilates nearly 4 Kyrian soldiers attempting to board Voyager.

System ConfigurationEdit

The core unit of the Borg defense system consists of Seven herself and 12 command core drones. Each of these drones perform a specific function central to the Borg hive efficiency. Also in turn when the hive is expanded to include more assimilated drones these command drones act as the head of each important section of the mini-collective as an whole to further insure the survival of Voyager's defense systems.

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