Mirror Universe
(coexisting on another dimensional plane)







Terran Rebellion

For prime universe person, see Selar.

In the mirror universe Selar was a slave on the ISS Enterprise-D during the Terran Empire’s final days in its war with the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. Captain Picard reluctantly appointed her the Enterprise’s Chief Medical Officer, as she was the only one on board with the medical knowledge necessary after Picard had disposed of Beverly Crusher.

Most humans blamed Vulcans for their Empire’s misfortunes, but one human, Wesley Crusher, befriended Selar because he saw how Picard had destroyed his family, and he realized Spock had tried to offer a better way of life. After the Empire fell they both became slaves, but escaped with the help of Bajoran vedeks and joined the Terran rebellion.

Selar taught Vulcan mind techniques to Wesley, whose own understanding of the relation between space, energy, and thought enabled him to overcome his human limitations and perform mind-melds on both humans and Vulcans. When Wesley was mortally injured in a battle with Alliance forces, he gave Selar his katra. Selar in turn used a multi-dimensional transporter device to cross over to Deep Space 9 and give that universe’s Wesley Crusher her friend’s katra. She did this because she wanted to give him life again, but Ambassador Spock convinced her to reclaim the katra and take it to Vulcan. (The Gift)

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