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For other definitions of "security officer", see Security officer (disambiguation).

A Starfleet unit's Chief of Security, or Security Chief, or Security Officer, is charged with keeping order aboard ship as pertaining to the investigation of violations of Starfleet regulations, altercations between crew members, and incarceration of any individual ordered into the brig by senior officers.

Duties and functionsEdit

The security chief works closely with the first officer in setting up and conducting any courts-martial held aboard ship. The security chief also must maintain a security force and drill them and the rest of the crew in such eventualities as intruder alert. The chief of security is responsible for the maintenance, distribution and control of personnel weapons, such as hand phasers, and is expected to maintain proficiency in the use of each kind.


Because of the multitude of responsibilities involved, the security chief is always a full lieutenant or above in rank.

Known chiefs of securityEdit

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