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Sarsachen i-Amriel tr'Sauringar
Sarsachen Sauringar
Riov tr'Sauringar in 2410




Dark brown








Federation, Starfleet (on leave of absence)
Romulan Republican Force



military officer


XO, RRW Aen'rhien


Starfleet: Commander
RRF: Commander (riov)





Ronus tr'Sauringar


Arheila t'Sauringar


Sarsachen i-Amriel tr'Sauringar was a male Romulan Starfleet officer on loan to the Romulan Republican Force. He was the executive officer of the RRW Aen'rhien in the early 25th century.


Sarsachen was born in the spaceport city of Amriel on Kevratas to a middle-class family in mid-2372. His father Ronus worked in the local shipyard, while his mother Arheila was a middle manager at port authority. Ronus tr'Sauringar was eventually drafted into the Romulan Star Navy during the Dominion War, and died aboard the IRW D'ridthau at Cardassia Prime in 2375.

After the Hobus event, the authorities on Kevratas offered their port as a transshipment point for Federation humanitarian aid. Sarsachen volunteered at the Federation consulate during secondary school, doing logistics work on aid shipments, and became friends with Commander Sheck Prox, CO of the Dakota-class starship USS Independence.

Prox was impressed by the young Romulan's compassion and determination, and when Sarsachen turned 18 Prox agreed to write him a recommendation for an appointment to Starfleet Academy. Sarsachen graduated in 2394 with a commission as a logistics officer, but after four years he transferred to command track and was assigned as first officer of the USS Port Emily. He served with distinction in four separate battles of the Federation-Klingon War and was awarded two Purple Hearts.

With the establishment of the Romulan Republic in early 2409, Sarsachen requested a leave of absence from Starfleet and offered his services to Admiral Klau tr'Kererek. He was given a commission as a commander in the Romulan Republican Force and assigned as first officer of the RRW Aen'rhien under Morgaiah t'Thavrau. He was transported to New Romulus aboard the USS Bajor, which was delivering a load of industrial replicators. The ship became caught in a gravitic anomaly that began to affect the sleep of the crew, but escaped after Captain Kanril Eleya ordered a quantum torpedo barrage against the anomaly. (B&S: "An Anomalous Nightmare")

In 2410 Sarsachen acquired dual citizenship in the Republic.


Sarsachen was trained in several martial arts, including silat, Krav Maga, and shan-dru-shaan. He also practiced swordplay with Romulan honor blades.

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