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Sara Uliaia
Sara as Child (Age 11)






98 lbs


Platinum Blonde


Blue, Green (when BORG abilities are activated)


Human/BORG hybrid


Starbase 12 (Rigel System)


October 27, 2360


Imperial Federation of United Worlds



Chief Cybernetics Officer


NXT Voyager


Lieutenant commander



John Uliaia


Candace Uliaia
Celestial Empress Hiroshi Sato (Adoptive)

Sara in 2374 (Age 15)
Engineering by MissKorya
This is a IFUW Engineering Officer.

Sara Uliaia is a Imperial Starfleet Officer who is currently posted aboard the Imperial Federation Warship N.X.T Voyager 74656-1202 and serves as Voyagers Chief Cybernetics Officer. (See Star Trek: Warship Voyager)

Voyagers youngest crewmember as well as one of the youngest officers in Imperial Starfleet, Sara was chosen to as one of the maiden ships crew due to her unusually advanced intellect that was due to a result of unintentional BORG hybridizing genetics.


Infancy Edit

Sara was born October 27, 2360 on Starbase 12 in the Rigel System. To parents John and Candace Uliaia. Both of whom were also Imperial Starfleet Cybernetics researchers who were studying new BORG technologies (it should be noted that their research was pivotal in the creation of Voyager's Command BORG Bio-Mechanical Weapons Core.).

Unfortunately in a Borg attack on Starbase 12 Sara's family was killed (or possibly assimilated) and Sara was submitted to experimental BORG Bio-Mechanical technology that grafted nano particle sized implants into every strand of Sara's DNA and essentially making her literally 1/2 BORG. While Sara was saved by Imperial Holo-Marines her mind was completely integrated into the BORG central hive consciousness yet still retain a sense of individuality.

Sara was discovered to have no other family and when Sara was later found after her rescue from the Borg warship she seemed to have an seemingly telepathic link with any form of technology. Upon hearing this report Empress Hiroshi Sato adopted Sara herself essentially meaning that she was technically honored with the title of Crown Imperial Princess by the Empire itself.

Imperial Starfleet CareerEdit

It should be noted that this article section also overlaps with the article subjects childhood.

Career as Imperial CadetEdit

|The enhancing BORG nano genetics had increased Sara's intelligence several hundred times over. So Sara began Imperial Starfleet Academy at only the tender age of 3 (Making her both the youngest person to enter and graduate from Starfleet Academy). During her attendance period in Starfleet Academy Sara made many achievements in many fields of Science, Astrometrics, and Holo-Robotics.

Career as Imperial Starfleet OfficerEdit

Sara began her career in Starfleet as soon as she graduated the Academy at the 10. Her very 1st post was aboard Voyager. The empress realized that Sara's talents would be valuable to Voyagers mission.

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