The homeworld of the Saori. It is claimed by the Federation but is so uninhabitable in some parts that is renders it almost useless.


Originally a super-moon with a Class-M atmosphere that orbited Neptune in the Sol system, the moon was struck by a comet that sent it into the edge of the Delta Quadrant. The side of the planet that was hit is mostly shattered, and the side that remained intact is where life can be supported.

Few Saori survived the disaster that nearly obliterated their race and home, bit the few who did moved from the planet and now dwell in scattered Federation colonies across the galaxy. Small colonies of Saori still exist in what are called the Safe Zones, which include unharmed land and and oceanic areas.

Saoris once held rumors of holding early Tholian exploration and scouting parties who were said to have built a small base in the charred mountains, thriving off the almost apocalyptic living conditions of the less inhabitable places.

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