The Saori are close relatives to the Human/Terran species.


Saoris, a world that once orbited near Neptune in the Sol system, was hit by a comet and sent out of orbit and into a whole new galaxy. The Saori returned to the Sol System in search of their neighbors who apparently had died before they could return.

Physical Appearance

Saori could be described as having frog and chameleon features: their tongues stretch to catch food and skin color is transparent but changes shades/colors when threatened or mood changes. They also have distinctive frills on their necks and arms that outstretch to ward of enemies.

Saori get along well with most Humans since they are only different in appearance. They can be very fierce and savage when necessary, much like Humans, they also share common enemies with such as the Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, and the Borg.

One thing that separates Saori from Humans is the lack of an urge to eat whenever they want. Therefore they are always fit and never overweight. Saori are driven by a basic instinct to eat only when the body needs it the most, they also retain 80% of the water they drink and breath into their bodies where it is stored and kept for emergencies and nourishment.


A Saori, Aoris Gorruntd, was upset that Saori were not in starfleet and arranged multiple protests for the Saori to become part of Starfleet. He was chosen to join the USS Yindi and his results will be a deciding factor in the Saori Future in Starfleet.