Sahthara (pronounced set-ahra with emphasis on the second a) is a Romulan female born in the 24th century, who was a member of the mining vessel Narada.


Saht was born to a relatively poor family in the Romulan Star Empire. Both her parents were killed during the Dominion War, which occurred when she was but a child. She therefore had to raise herself up in the Romulan world.


At the age of 15, Sahthara got a job as an engineer for the Romulan Mining Guild. At the age of seventeen, by an accident of ship scheduling, she found herself on the Narada, just as the Hobus star exploded, destroying Romulus. Still not even an adult, she was unable to cope with the loss of her people and therefore became very susceptible to the influence of the other crew, especially Nero, the Captain. She became the perfect soldier, obeying her orders without question or second thought.

She was with the Narada when it went into the 23rd century, creating an alternate timeline as well. When the Narada was taken by the Klingons and its crew imprisoned on Rura Penthe, she also was taken as well. Over the next twenty five years, she remained in prison along with the others. When Nero broke his comrades out to continue their mission of vengeance, she realized just what they were planning to do.


Life on Rura Penthe had matured and cynicized Sahthara. She could now decide for herself, and she did. She left Nero, in hopes of finding Romulus and settling down to have a "normal" life thereon. A very small contingent of the miners, 12 of them went with her, but they were trapped in Klingon space with no means of escape. She eventually hijacked a Klingon Bird-of-prey and was able to leave Rura Penthe, losing five in the process.

Sahthara, her crew and the ship were later torn into a forming wormhole that took them into the 25th century, twenty years after the destruction of their homeworld. Their ship was heavily damaged, and it seemed that they would not survive. Two others deserted, leaving Sahthara and her five to die a slow and painful death when the ship's oxygen supplies would wear out.

Romula NovumEdit

Their vessel was discovered shortly thereafter by Nox, a fellow Romulan but from the early 24th century. After hearing of their plight, he decided to forge a new future for his people with these that remained.

They eventually settled on a remote planet in the Gamma Quadrant, which they renamed Romula Novum, also known as New Romulus.

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