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The Romulan Star Navy (Rihan: Galae s'Shiar Rihan) was the primary space forces of the Romulan Guard, the military of the Romulan Star Empire. It was overseen by the Galae'Primus, an individual of Galae'Enriov rank, who reported directly to the Guard commander, the Daise'Primus.

History Edit

Organization Edit

The Tal Prai'ex of the Morairi ih'Fvillha (Praetorian Guard) were drawn from, but operated independently of, the Star Navy.

Ranks Edit

  • Flag officers
    • Galae'Enriov (Fleet admiral)
    • Khre'Enriov (Admiral)
    • Enriov (Vice admiral)
    • Erei'Enriov (Subadmiral)
  • Line officers
    • Khre'Riov (Commodore)
    • Riov (Commander)
    • Erei'Riov (Subcommander)
    • Khre'Arrain (Senior centurion)
    • Arrain (Centurion)
    • Erei'Arrain (Subcenturion)
    • Erein (Antecenturion)
  • Enlisted
    • Erei'Erein (Petty officer)
    • Decurion
    • Uhlan

Starship Classes Edit

Units Edit

Star Navy fleets were based around particular groups, such as Command fleets, Praetorian fleets, Senatorial fleets, Coalition fleets, etc. These fleets were then assigned to specific "commands", such as Star Command, Exploration Command, Pacification Command or Occupation Command. These fleets were comprised of several avaras of around a hundred vessels. Avaras were then broken down into command wings of ten to twenty vessels, named after the lead vessel (called a 'wingship') of the wing.

Appendices Edit

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Romulan Star Empire
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Government: PraetorSenate
Territory: RomulusRemusRa'tleihfi
Agencies: GuardImperial ArmyStar NavyTal DiannPraetorian GuardTal Shiar

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