Ro Laren
Ro Laren, Ensign Ro








January 17, 2340


Federation, Starfleet



Security chief
Commanding officer


USS Enterprise-D
Deep Space Nine
USS Pegasus-E (Starfleet Command post)


2373 Command Lieutenant



For mirror universe counterpart, see Ro Laren (mirror).

Ro Laren was a Bajoran officer in Starfleet. She is currently Chief of Security on Deep Space Nine; however, she was previously a member of the Maquis. In 2379, for her heroic actions during the Dominion War, she was promoted to a position of captaincy aboard Sovereign-class cruiser USS Pegasus-E.

Early Life

Being raised during the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor turned Ro into a hardened woman. One such event was the death of her father by slow torture before her eyes at the hands of their Cardassian oppressors.


During an incident with Seraphami, Ro attempted to warn her comrades about the "vulnerable" state of their foes. But this was part of a trap, and eight of her crewmembers were killed. A court-martial was held, during which the Federation Council presented forged information that made it appear that she deliberately disobeyed orders (that information was forged by members of the USS Wellington, the ship to which she was assigned, who did not like her because of her behavior). These individuals were well-connected in Starfleet and threatened her with greater charges if she would reveal them; therefore, she simply shouldered the undue blame and was subsequently imprisoned on Jaros II.

Return to Starfleet

In 2368, she was granted conditional amnesty by Admiral Kennelly if she were to expose a Bajoran Resistance fighter named Orta, called a "terrorist" for his alleged attacks against the Federation: it was, however, a ploy. Kennelly was using her to expose the Bajoran Resistance to the Cardassians, who would then kill them off.

She received help from Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise-D and later joined that crew.

The Maquis

She found out that she did not fit in with the "arrogant" Humans in Starfleet or on the USS Enterprise-D. One incident involved Commander Riker forcing her to remove her Bajoran earring, which she perceived as intolerance to her culture. When she was sent by the Federation to spy on the Maquis, she discovered that she fit in more with them and decided to defect.

It was believed by most in the Federation that she died along with many of the Maquis when the Dominion, at the behest of the Cardassian Union, annihilated most of them. However, Ro managed to evade death on numerous occasions and eventually found asylum back home on Bajor.

Deep Space Nine

Shortly after 2376, she became Chief of Security aboard Deep Space Nine, under the command of fellow Bajoran Kira Nerys.

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