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Reuian sketch

Planet of Origin:



Supreme Kingdom of Reui

Environmental Needs:


Life Span:

average 750 years (1,057 is the highest on record)

Reuian f sketch

A Reuian is a non-humanoid, sentient race of alien native to the planet Reui.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Reuians are bipedal warm-blooded creatures whose average height is approximately eight feet tall. They are black-skinned, muscular-built, with a skeletal system that has the appearance of granite. The bones of their teeth, toes and fingers are all exposed, but the pain receptors in those areas aren't as acute to slight pain. They have an exo-skeletal pelvis which protects their reproductive organs.

They have three black, beetle-eyes, one vertical in the middle of their forehead and two on either side of that one. They have very thick, blue-shaded hair, which grows in a great mane from their heads, and also around their wrists, shins and ankles. The hair works to catch small crustacea and oceanic arthropods while swimming, which creatures can then be extricated from the hair and eaten.

Gender SpecificationEdit

Male Reuians are larger than females, and are noted for the three large sail-like frills which can be deployed from their arms and back. Females have hair all along their backs. This allows them to catch even more food to feed their young.

Though Reuians are warm-blooded, they hardly classify as mammalian since the female Reuian lacks mammary glands (their breasts are all muscle, which makes them fast swimmers, excellent fighters and capable of lifting three times their own body weight). Reuian infants are born with a full set of teeth, called the s'oahli, or "soft teeth". These cannot break the shells of the crustaceans that get caught in the female's hair, and therefore the mother must break the shells with her teeth.

Unique CharacteristicsEdit

For their enormous sizes, Reuians are also incredibly crafty. In their history, there are nine accounts of poets and playwrights who have risen up and entertained the royalty with their work so well that they became part of the nobility.

They are also well-known for their technological prowess. A super-weapon called "the Redeemer" is used to destroy any Cardassian or Bajoran invaders who might be able to slip past the Bajoran nebula.

Reuians are extremely long-lived. One hundred is considered the age of social, moral and communal responsibility (it is the Reuian 18). M'h'gkli-ahrr, an important historical figure in Reuian history, was the oldest Reuian: he died at 1,057 years of age. Recently, the oldest living Reuian was King S'gha-lookiu, whose life ended at age 671 due to an assassination by M'grash.

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