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Supreme Kingdom of Reui


Reui is an M-class planet of the Alpha Quadrant in the B'hava'el system. It is relatively secluded by the Bajoran nebula, which prevents subspace scanners from detecting the planet. It is home to the alien species known as Reuians.


Reui has a breathable atmosphere by human standards. It contains nitrogen, oxygen and certain trace elements due to Reuian pollution. The pollution is solved by the constant rainstorms.

Solar RotationEdit

The length of Reui's orbit around its sun is greater than that of Earth's Sol, resulting in a single Reuian year being 800 Terran days long. There are twenty months in the Reuian calendar, each with 40 days.

Reuian CalendarEdit

  • pl-o (day of the first warp flight made by the Reuian people).
  • shri
  • eck
  • thljui (first contact made with the Tholians on this month).
  • mshra
  • uuhm
  • m'h'glk (originally oool. Renamed, due to this month being the birth of King M'h'gkli-ahrr, the eldest Reuian who ever lived).
  • kiu (first contact made with the Q Continuum on this month).
  • edbr
  • lghra (first contact made with Humans on this month in 2344).
  • krdsshn (first contact made with the Cardassians on this month).
  • bjha (first contact made with the Bajorans on this month).
  • kreii (month considered to be when the "kreii" - Reuian gods - formed the planet and its inhabitants. Considered the first month by the old Kingdom's calendar).
  • wlkhra (first contact made with the Vulcans on this month).
  • ch'vh'jh (first contact made with the Dominion on this month).
  • em'tlha (day of the first dynasty of the Supreme Kingdom of Reui).
  • d-drog (first contact made with the El-Aurians on this month - considered an evil month).
  • kylsh (first contact made with the Klingons on this month).
  • grgra (first contact made with the Gorn on this month).
  • m'lhii


Reui is mostly limestone, which is extremely erosive in the presence of high concentrations of water. Due to its rainstorms, new land is always being reformed and remade. What land there is is mostly permanent rain forest or marshes.


The planet is constantly raining. This has risen the sea-levels, but the erosion of the limestone has created new caverns for the water to flow about, making sure that the water never floods the entire planet.

The planetary rings are large amounts of water from the planet which have somehow been displaced into the vacuum of space. Only the gravitational-well of Reui keeps them from falling out of orbit and go sailing off into space.

Indigenous LifeformsEdit

The Reuians are the main inhabitants of this world. They live in tunnels, caverns and catacombs created within the limestone caverns. There are certain wild creatures that inhabit the marshes and oceans, but these have yet to be cataloged.

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