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Former Federation-Cardassian Demilitarized Zone, Dorvan sector


United Federation of Planets
Formerly: Cardassian Union


Res'toka, formally Res'toka II or Rho Trianguli 73 II, is the second planet of the Res'toka system.

The planet was settled by the Cardassian Union in 2330 and, due to its distance from the Cardassian core worlds, was largely neglected by Cardassia Prime for the next forty years as the Occupation of Bajor drew more and more of the Cardassian Central Command's attention.  As a result the inhabitants of Res'toka grew independent. Captain Bronok Zell was born here in 2348.

The mostly agricultural colony was largely ignored by both sides during the Federation-Cardassian War due to having little strategic significance, but under the terms of the Federation-Cardassian Treaty in 2370 the planet ended up inside Federation borders. As the planet was still only sparsely populated the local Cardassians were overall accepting of an influx of Federation colonists and a rich, blended culture began to develop.

In 2373 the Dominion occupied the planet with the intent of exploiting pockets of duranium in the primary continent's mountains. Approximately 6,000 people, twelve percent of the population, fled Res'toka before the Jem'Hadar cut off all civilian shipping traffic to and from the system.

As the Federation Alliance began to force the Dominion back, the local Jem'Hadar garrison was stripped to a skeleton crew to reinforce their troops on the front lines. Ferengi smugglers started to funnel weapons to the colonists, and in late 2375 the population rose up, slaughtered the remaining Jem'Hadar, and declared their independence from the Cardassian Union.

The interim government applied for Federation membership in 2381 and was accepted in 2384. It attained full membership in 2395.

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