A Reconnaissance Squadron is a squadron type of the Starfleet Starfighter Corps utilizing craft with expanded sensor suites and extended stealth capabilities.

Notable Reconnaissance SquadronsEdit

SFFC Reconnaissance Squadrons
Designation Name Craft Type Current Assignment Commander
RS-13 Shadow Valkyrie Starbase Atlantis (unknown)
RS-23 Maverick Corsair USS Concorde (NCC-68001) Major Dex
RS-31 Swan Swan USS Columbia (NCC-75072) (unknown)
RS-45 Raptor Valkyrie USS Eagle (NCC-25816-B) (unknown)
RS-50 Daemon Lightning Starbase Atlantis (unknown)
RS-55 Didymus Valkyrie USS Galactica (NCC-75075) (unknown)
RS-67 Renegade Corsair USS Miranda-B (unknown)
RS-81 Aquarius Valkyrie (II) USS Atlantia (NCC-80023) Colonel Oris th'Shlaris
RS-104 Maco Valkyrie Starbase One Major Uthara
RS-149 James Corsair USS Galactica (NCC-75075) (unknown)
RS-152 Lobo Corsair' USS Challenger (NCC-76941) (unknown)
RS-167 Watcher Valkyrie USS Protector (NCC-77910) (unknown)
RS-170 Scorpio Valkyrie (II) USS Atlantia (NCC-80023) (unknown)
RS-172 Shadow Cat Corsair USS Beowulf (NCC-24462-A) Commander Troy Carter
RS-211 Domestiche Valkyrie (II) USS Columbia (NCC-75072) (unknown)
RS-224 Sagittarius Valkyrie (II) USS Atlantia (NCC-80023) (unknown)
RS-268 Matthias Valkyrie USS Galactica (NCC-75075) (unknown)
RS-286 Bellare Valkyrie USS Columbia (NCC-75072) (unknown)
RS-289 Dirty Dozen Lightning USS Hiryu (NCC-80216) (unknown)
RS-302 Loki Corsair USS Concorde (NCC-68001) Major Mary MacGregor
RS-313 Provider Lightning (unknown) (unknown)
RS-347 Leopard Corsair USS Kilpatrick (NCC-77551) (unknown)
RS-352 Unicorn Talon USS Tsunami (NCC-79020) (unknown)
RS-364 Moonlight Corsair USS Nelson (NCC-73439) (unknown)
RS-400 Qingmíng Valkyrie (II) USS Atlantia (NCC-80023) (unknown)
RS-432 Easyrider Corsair (unknown) (unknown)
RS-451 Jaguar Lightning (unknown) (unknown)

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