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A Reaver male, transformed from a Human

The Reaver is a humanoid species that are created by a mutated form of the Zepherus B toxin created by a species in the Delta Quadrant in hopes of combating the Borg, but the test failed and caused a horrific aftermath.


When the Zepherus B Toxin mutated during its stage of living inside of any species, it took qualities of its hosts DNA, whether the species it inhabited was sentient or not, to not only mutate itself but its host too. This mutation caused both the host and toxin to bond and form a Reaver. Though not all Reavers are identical because the DNA that they are made of are from different species, but they all share common physical traits like their pale skin, yellow eyes, facial ruptures and white hair, but these are only physical traits all Reavers share.


Though Reavers are created by different hosts, the mutative strand of the Zepherus DNA stays the same, so when the bonding of the host and the toxin occurs, all Reavers share common physiological traits. But because Reavers are born from the bonding of different species, they can take on traits from the species they have inhabited, for example; Reavers mutated from Vulcans share their pointed ear trait, and Reavers mutated from animals such as Vorlaxian Bear share white furry patches on their fore arm, Spine and fore legs.

A Reaver Bonded by a Romulan

Though Reavers take on traits from their former genetic parents, they all seem to be equal in size, strength and intelligence. The Zepherus Virus seems to tone down or lift up the genetic properties of the species it lives inside in order to properly bond with it, for example, if the virus inhabited a non sentient species, it would alter the genetic properties of the species to allow heightened intellect in order for the Reaver it will later become to be able to co-exist with Reavers that were created using sentient species as hosts. There are also changes during the bonding process that effect the hosts gender, as most Reavers are male, only 27% of Reavers are female.

A Reaver Female

The female version of the Reaver seems to be a lot more stronger and faster than the average male, and has shown the ability to read another Reavers thoughts. This has only been seen done by females and females are unable to use this mental ability on other females but several Reaver females working simultaneously may be able to read the thoughts of one Reaver female. All Reavers seem to possess an almost unnatural healing ability, they have been known to even grow new heads but this takes time and leaves the Reaver almost defenceless during the healing process. The Reaver healing genome is also capable of being used on non Reavers, as some Reavers have been known to heal non Reaver individuals from sickness through a kiss or passing of bodily fluids. But it is unknown how much the Reaver genome can repair inside a non Reaver.

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