Rear admiral is a flag officer rank used by naval organizations, traditionally below the grade of vice admiral. This rank was used by the Federation Starfleet as well as its predecessor the Earth Starfleet. Some systems instead used two tiers of rear admiral rank, "Rear Admiral, Upper Half" and "Rear Admiral, Lower Half."

Rank insignia of Starfleet rear admiralsEdit

Lower Half Upper Half
2150s 2150soneadmirala 2150stwoadmirala
2270s 2270 Command Commodore 2270 Command Rear Admiral
2270s 2270 - CDRE (White)-1- 2270 - RADM (White)-1-
2280s 2285 Command Commodore 2285 Command Rear Admiral
2350s 2350 - RDML (Command)-1- 2350 - RADM (Command)-1-
2360s 2366 S-Command Rear Admiral LH 2366 S-Command Rear Admiral UH
2370s 2373 Command Rear Admiral LH 2373 Command Rear Admiral UH

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