In military and civilian service organizations of many cultures, rank (sometimes denoted by rank insignia on a uniform) was used to apply status in an organized hierarchy of authority.

Klingon Empire

  • Flag Officers
    • Dahar Master (Fleet Admiral)
    • Sa'
    • Totlh
    • 'ech
  • Line Officers
    • HoD
    • La'
    • HoH
    • Sogh
    • Bekk

Romulan Star Empire and Romulan Republic

Star Navy and Republican Navy

Imperial Army and Republican Army

Except for the flag officers past Khre'Riov, the armies shared ranks with the navies.

  • Flag officers
    • Daise'Prod (Marshal)
    • Khre'Prod (General)
    • Prod (Lieutenant General)
    • Erei'Prod (Major General)

United Federation of Planets


The Starfleet rank system was based on a long history ranging from the old naval era on Earth, to the early days of space exploration with the United Earth Starfleet.

Starfleet Marine Corps

The Starfleet Marine Corps used a rank system based on those of several Earth land forces.

Starfleet Starfighter Corps

The Starfleet Starfighter Corps used a rank system similar to the ranks of several air forces of Earth.

Starfleet Intelligence Directorate

Starfleet Intelligence of the Twilight universe used the same rank system as Starfleet, but with a different set of ranks for the flag officers.

Gorn Hegemony

  • Line Officers
    • Senior Officers
      • Hodch (Captain)
      • Ra'wiq (Commander)
      • Mortar (Lieutenant Commander)
    • Junior Officers
      • Handler (Lieutenant)
      • Heavy Ranger (Lieutenant junior grade)
      • Ranger (Ensign)
    • Enlisted
      • Trooper (Master Chief Petty Officer)

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