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In military and civilian service organizations of many intelligent cultures, rank (sometimes denoted by rank insignia on uniforms) is how the jobs of different personnel are organized in a hierarchy of authority.

Federation Starfleet RanksEdit

The Starfleet rank system is based on a long history of ranks ranging from the old naval era on Earth, to the early days of space exploration with the Old Earth Starfleet.

Starfleet Marine Corps RanksEdit

The Starfleet Marine Corps uses a rank system based on the rank systems of several Earth land forces.

Starfleet Starfighter CorpsEdit

The Starfleet Starfighter Corps uses a rank system similar to the ranks of several air forces of Earth.

Starfleet Intelligence DirectorateEdit

Starfleet Intelligence uses the same rank system as Starfleet, but with a different set of ranks for the flag officers.

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