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Raid on Utopia Planitia
Raid on Utopia Planitia


2 March 2409


Klingon tactical victory



Klingon Defense Force


Admiral Nathan Groves
Rear Admiral B'Elanna Torres

Lieutenant Brokosh


33 spaceworthy capital ships (various classes)

19 B'rel-classes
3 Hegh'ta-classes
2 B'Rotlh-classes

Casualties and Losses

16 drydocks heavily damaged
16 docked starships destroyed
56 Peregrine-class fighters destroyed or disabled
4 Home Fleet vessels destroyed
5 Home Fleet vessels damaged

17 Birds-of-Prey destroyed

10,087 dead
2,280 injured

441 dead
76 injured
104 captured


The raid on Utopia Planitia took place in 2409 in the Sol system between Starfleet's Home Fleet and a Klingon Defense Force raiding party. It was one of the most destructive attacks on Sector 001 in history and was later equated to the Imperial Japanese Navy's attack on Pearl Harbor in the mid-20th century.

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