Alternate timeline
(covers information from Warship Voyager)

Quantum Torpedo


Special Weapons


Sub Particle based Projectile


50 Isotons

Lethal Range:

21 Parsecs


The quantum torpedo is a Imperial Starfleet sub-atomic energy based tactical projectile to be used as a Advanced Defense Initiative based weapon that was originally built for the purpose of combating BORG incursions. As the photonic torpedo has reached what many Imperial Starfleet researchers agreed was its highest possible explosive yield, A group of Imperial Starfleet engineers at the Starfleet R&D facility on offworld colony Groomsbridge 273-2A began investigating methods for achieving a higher release of energy from a projectile with equal dimensions to the photonic torpedo. This weapons system has been used by several of the Empires many allies such as the Terran Alliance, the Bajorian-Cardassian Alliance, and the Illiarian War Council.

System MechanicsEdit

A Quantum Torpedo relies on Rapid Energy Extraction from a Zero-Point vacuum. This is established by a 11 Dimensional Space-Time membrane that has been twisted into a Genus-1 Topology String. This string is housed in a ultra-clean vacuum of a 1.38 meter long teardrop shaped Zero-Point Field Reaction Chamber. This is the core of a Quantum Torpedo Generator. The generation of a Quantum Torpedo enriched with Fluoronetic vapor the torpedo is further powered with a Temporal Continuum Emitter located in the very center of the Generator. It expands the membrane and pinches it out of the background vacuum. The membrane forms into Sub-atomic particles accompanied by a high explosive energy release that fires out the torpedo. The membrane energy potential for a average torpedo upon impact is rated to be only at least 50 isotons.

System HistoryEdit

Quantum Torpedoes were considered a upgrade from Photonic Torpedoes. Deployment began throughout Starfleet in 2369. Quantum Torpedoes have been carried by Defiant and Sovereign-class Warships.

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