Alternate timeline
(covers information from Warship Voyager)

Quantum Slipstream (also known as Chrono or Temporal Drive) is a Unified Field Theory based propulsion system used on all Imperial War and Combat ships during the early to late-mid 25th century.

System MechanicsEdit

The system is based upon a interconnected energy link of a weak and strong nuclear force EM forces and the core component of the drive Anti-Gravity supplied by a source of Cavorite, A strong rare Anti Grav-based metal. The combined forces are sped in a Hyper Acceleron Particle Collider and upon Sub-Atomic impact the force creates a temporal flux conduit into which the ship can enter into any point in the universe at a time period of only a few nanoseconds the system also powers and controls all interconnected hypersystems such as basic Cloak and Phase Cloak or "Ghost Cloak" systems. The entire system can either be controlled through the Neurogenic or Manual Controls.

Flux Conduit ControlEdit

The Flux Conduit temporal energy is controlled by diverting the Quantum Plasma into the ships Flux Dispersion array which is constructed out of a Superplatinum/Neutronium lined superconductive Ultra-structure (Similar to the InterQuadratal Warp Drive) which at optimum efficiency can generate up to 1 to 2.21 Jigowatts of energy (1 Jigowatt = 1 to the power of 200 Gigawatts of Electricity). The array super speeds the Flux based Plasma and then emits the energy into a interconnected ship computer controlled Quantum field that can maneuver the ship into any 4th Dimensional based spacial point.

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