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Pangaea is the Federation name for a planet in Klingon Imperial space. In the native tongue, it is called Q'kharr. The planet is noted for its physical resemblance to Pangaea from Darwin's theory of evolution.


Q'kharr is a Class-M Planet, with an atmosphere almost exactly to that of Earth. Even the ocean-land ratio is almost exactly the same.


Q'kharr is mostly tropical jungle, with dense rain-forests in the hotter, wet climates and open, savanna-like grasslands. There are several mountainous regions, but only six of them have perma-frost.

Indigenous LifeformsEdit

The first race to discover this planet were the Klingons. Afterwards, the Gorn came to this world, mostly because of its resemblance to their own homeworld. They discovered saurian creatures there, which were neither sentient nor friendly. When the Federation starships ran scanner-sweeps of Q'kharr, it was discovered that these saurians were not normal lizard-creatures. This was said when they were first discovered by a Federation officer.

There are dinosaurs down there.

Though this statement was not highly accurate (the saurians were very close to the physical structure of the dinosaurs, but their anatomy was many times different), it has been accepted by the Federation as physical proof of Darwin's theory of evolution.

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