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Q Continuum


themselves (Q Continuum)

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None to specify

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The following article mainly is a listing for notable Q for the article on the species itself see Q (Species)

The Q are a highly advanced species of trans dimensional godlike like beings.

New Classification

During encounters with the Q during the latter half of the 24th century, all members of the Continuum referred to themselves as "Q".

As of 2407, Edward Shield gave a new designation for each member of the Continuum with whom he encountered.


The "Q" known as "Loki" (appropriately enough, named after the Norse god of chaos) is the most notorious. He is regarded by Jean-Luc Picard as a menace to humanity, and Starfleet officers are even taught how to confront him. Edward Shield, who also encountered Q-Loki, found him to be no menace; he stated that Q-Loki is like the norse god: helpful sometimes and a hindrance at others. He has learned how to endure Q-Loki's moments of chaotic behavior without being provoked to anger (like Benjamin Sisko) or blaspheming God (like Jean-Luc Picard).


The "female Q" was designated as "Ishtar" after the Babylonian goddess of love, due to the fact that she had, with Q-Loki, a Q-child (which was nicknamed Q-Horus). She was first encountered by Kathryn Janeway, who said that she was no better than Q (Loki).


The "female Q who served aboard the NXT Voyager in a parallel universe" was designated (by Lianna Young, since Edward Shield was not present when the USS Admonitor and the USS Enterprise-C encountered the NXT Voyager) as "Minerva" after the Roman goddess of wisdom.

Other Q

  • Though Quinn died before he was ever encountered by another Federation starship than USS Voyager, he was later cataloged as Q-Baldr.
  • The son of Q-Loki and Q-Ishtar is designated as Q-Horus.
  • Amanda Rogers is designated as Q-Ozma.
  • The alien being known as Trelane due to his own near infinite ability to manipulate reality to his will has been speculated many times to also be Q. However it is more likely possible that he is a member of another energy based race similar to the Continuum.


  • There are no Q who are designated as "Greek" deities, since the Greek Pantheon was a race of demi-gods that once threatened to destroy the Continuum.
  • The Q have refused to be designated with any name from Judeo-Christian or Islamic religions (i.e., Jehoshuah, YHWH, Allah, Shmjzh - another name for Satan), as well as other names for the same people (such as Sha Ka Ree or Eru). They refuse to admit their reasoning for this exclusion, however it has been theorized that the most probable main reason this is due to the fact that many members of the energy based species known as Megans already have been known to use and are called by many of these names.
This would seem incongruous to TNG: "Tapestry", where Q claimed to be God. However, since this was a near-death experience for Jean-Luc Picard and therefore completely in his own mind, it can be conjectured that Picard subconsciously projected all of Q's unsavory behavior on the Judeo-Christian God.

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