Pulse Phaser Bank


Primary Weapons


Primary Particle Beam


4 to 5 Isotons

Lethal Range:

10 Parsecs


Pulse Phaser Banks are an Primary Weapons System placed aboard all Starfleet and Imperial Starfleet Warships. Each bank contains between 1 to 4 pulsed phaser cannon emitters from which the beam energy was actually released but which had shared common power sources and targeting systems.

System HistoryEdit

The system was first utilized as early as 2257. The first Starship to be outfitted with this new system was the USS Farragut. Mid-2260s Phaser Banks consisted of only one emitter each and drew power from rechargeable power sources separate from the main ships power. By the 2260s all Constitution-class starships were equipped with a minimum of 12 Phaser banks, though they tended to be (and still are) fired in pairs.

The main banks used to be located on the lower and upper halves of a ships Forward or Saucer Section, also known as the Primary hull, forward of the main Sensor Array. Additional banks were located on the ships stern section, above the shuttlebay. Port and Starboard banks covered the ships flanks.

In the 2270s a new system which tied the main power generators was developed. While it did increase Phaser power it had the disadvantage of cutting off most or all power if the generators were ever damaged.

System SpecificationsEdit

A small Pulse Phaser Bank is powered by an 4.2 Gigawatt Matter/Anti-Matter Power Battery Generator.

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