A Pulse Phaser is the Primary Directed Energy Weapons system mainly utilized by Starships constructed by the United Federation of Planets as well as a few other alien military organizations throughout the Milky Way Galaxy and within several other versions of the Federation throughout several Other Universes.

System BasicsEdit

The basic form of a fully weaponized pulse phaser is an Rapid Nadion Particle beam set on a pulsed frequency that can be specifically set to both interfere and interact with the wave pattern of any solid, gaseous, or (at times) energy based molecular form. This is called "phasing" the beam frequency. Hence the term.

System MechanicsEdit

The term Phaser itself is an acronym for Phased Energy Rectification according to the process of turning stored energy into an energy beam without immediate transformation. Energetic plasma is stored in a Sarium-Krellide insulated Chamber. This material is used because it cannot accidentally release the charge of plasma. Then the plasma is pumped into a firing chamber made out of a superconducting Lithium-TriCopper. There it undergoes a rapid Nadion effect in which strong nuclear forces are liberated. A strong Protonic charge forms and is released in pulses from the beam emitter made out of a superconductive crystal. A beam of Electromagnetic based energy made of Higher Energy Photons and Protons using Higher Phase Velocities is released from the emitter crystal at the speed of light.

  • The EM based energy beam of either a Mega or Heavy Phaser Cannon can be delivered at Ultra-Warp and Trans-Warp speeds due to a Annular Confinement Beam Jacket along with many other advances in Sub-Space technology
  • When Phasers are fired by a ship with either Deflector or Heavy Particle Shields active. The ships beam frequency is locked to the second order harmonics of the shields energy emissions. This allows the beam to pass freely through the shields.

System HistoryEdit

Pulse Phaser weapons were first developed by Starfleet to combine the benefits of two previously used weapon technologies Particle Beam Cannons and Laser beams. In which while particle beams delivered a high impact it couldn't penetrate energy shields. Where as Lasers could penetrate shields easily, but had little to no impact force to do any damage.

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