The Prometheus-class was a type of Federation starship in service in the late 24th and early 25th centuries.


The Prometheus-class was one of several starship designs, along with the Sovereign and Defiant-classes, that were created in response to the Borg threat of the 24th century. Starfleet Tactical's task was to design a vessel that could be fast, maneuverable, and carry the latest weaponry designed to fight the Borg.

However, none of the new designs or weaponry were ready for the Borg attack in 2366, which resulted in the destruction of 39 starships and the loss of 11,000 lives. The Battle of Wolf 359 created a new sense of urgency in Starfleet to develop more advanced and tactically focused starships. While the Sovereign and Defiant classes entered service around 2371, the launch and testing of the USS Prometheus was pushed back until 2374.

Technical information

Propulsion system

Capable of attaining speeds exceeding warp 9.995, the warp drive on board the Prometheus-class was designed to go faster than any other class in the fleet.

Defensive systems


The USS Prometheus executing multi-vector assault mode.

The Prometheus-class was designed with an unprecedented level of automation, and, combined with its advanced tactical systems, was one of the most powerful combat ships in the Alpha Quadrant. The primary battle systems on board the Prometheus included regenerative shielding, ablative hull armor, as well as phasers, and photon torpedoes.

A unique feature included in the Prometheus design was the multi-vector assault mode, which allowed the ship to split into three semi-independent sections that could each deliver massive force against an enemy target. All three sections were warp-capable. In this mode, the Prometheus could easily disable a Nebula-class at warp or a D'deridex-class on the field of battle.

Additional systems

In addition to standard automation systems, the Prometheus-class design also featured holoemitters on every deck, which allowed the ship's Emergency Medical Hologram (Mark II) to access all areas of the ship (most EMHs were confined to Sickbay only).


As Starfleet technology continued to develop and as the Modular Design Program took effect, subclasses of the Prometheus were developed.





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