Project Loki is a highly-classified special operation of the Starfleet Intelligence Directorate launched in 2384 by the order of Director of Starfleet Intelligence Marta Batanides and Starfleet Operating Forces Commander-in-Chief Victor Murdock. Commanded by Commodore Juan Carlos Holmes (officially a retired SFFC Colonel), Loki is based out of the privately-held Labyrinth Station within the Briar Patch and is assigned eight starships of varying classes and types, all heavily modified from their original specifications.

Vessels assigned to Project LokiEdit


Not much is known about Loki, though numerous rumors surround the project; what facts are available are both sparse and not particularly illuminating:

  • Of the eight vessels, two (the Havras and Chin'Toka) are not listed on any Starfleet or civilian register, but are of aged classes used by both Starfleet and the civilian sector. They are also both named after famous battles that Holmes himself is known to have participated in. How they came to be assigned to the Project is unknown.
  • Three more vessels (Deadalus, Loki, and Coyóte) are aged Klingon vessels. How they ended up in Starfleet Intelligence's hands is, likewise, unknown.
  • Of the three vessels of Starfleet registry, one (the Icarus) is a ship formerly commanded by Holmes and now listed as being under the command of his former executive officer, Captain Ares Treagor Khoma. The Icarus is also listed as "missing in action", in early 2384 though no search was ever mounted.
  • The remaining two Starfleet vessels (Minotaur and Mercury) are both older designs, and both are listed as being decommissioned.
  • The Ba'ku government is officially neutral, but has made no objections to the establishment of Labyrinth station.
  • Several starfighters have been sighted in the Briar Patch recently.

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