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"Originality, inspired"
Pikapi on his expanded universe

Pikapi's expanded universe (often shortened to Pverse and PEU) is the official name for the Star Trek fan fiction written and composed by Pikapi, which he has chosen to integrate into a single expanded universe. Content subject to Pikapi's expanded universe may come in a variety of forms, such as short stories, novellas, novels, individual articles, biographies, etc.

Pikapi's expanded universe may cover any information relative to the Star Trek reality. This includes a variety of timelines, stretching far before, and after, the mainstream timeline, although the majority of Pikapi's extended universe content should be concentrated on the pre-established timeline.



Canon-friendliness and plausibilityEdit

All articles that are subject to Pikapi's expanded universe must maintain a high-level of quality, not only in terms of writing but how well each article fits into the mold cast by the authentic Star Trek canon, including all of its alternate realities and universal truths.

On a similar note, content material that defies the principles of our own reality must also be taken into account. The more realistic that a fictional account is, the more plausible it seems to the reader.

In order to insure that an article retains a canon-friendly status, Pikapi recommends that co-authors use reputable sites such as Memory Alpha for resources.


As to be expected, articles in the expanded universe must not only comply with the properties of Star Trek canon and the real-world, but other content in the expanded universe itself. When the properties of some truth are made so that information does not contradict itself, this is known as standardization.

For instance, the official planetary classification chart is not in depth and is not complete. All works in Pikapi's expanded universe should reference the planetary classification chart that was revised for Pikapi's extended universe.

Collaborative writingEdit

Articles subject to Pikapi's expanded universe must be written, at least in part, by Pikapi. On occasion, Pikapi, the director of this project, may write articles in collaboration with other users. Articles that are written as part of a cooperative effort may not serve as a joint-article to another author's expanded universe.

Furthermore, to insure the integrity of Pikapi's extended universe and to enforce each contributor's boundaries in terms of where they may edit, universe cross-overs are not to be made official.

Grammar and punctuationEdit

Content pertaining to Pikapi's expanded universe must be of the best quality to be deemed perfect. As Pikapi, and anyone who collaborates with him in some instances, become more seasoned writers, they're quality of writing will improve and the universe

Grammatical tense and narrative modeEdit

Articles that are subject to Pikapi's expanded universe, with the exception of some stories or articles written from a real-world perspective, are to be written in third-person omniscient past tense. This creates the illusion that the article is being written from the future.

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