Alternate timeline
(covers information from Warship Voyager)
Photonic Cannon
Power by Hatvok


Primary Heavy Weapons


Heavy Particle Cannon


2 to 5,000 Isotons

Lethal Range:

40 Parsecs


Photonic Cannon is a Primary Heavy Weapons System placed aboard all Imperial Federation special ops. Warships and decades later on Federation Starships and is used as either an weapon of heavy offense or a Heavy Utility System. A Photonic Cannon is placed in an array similar to an Deflector Dish/Array.

System MechanicsEdit

The Photonic Cannon uses mechanics very similar to the Pulse Phaser, except that it utilizes a stream of Heavy Resonance Photon particles that become super-energized by a solidified Electron Crystal sphere encased in a Heavy EM Confinement Beam Jacket attached to the center of the beams emitter. Twin beams fire from the array in a lightning like fashion due to the super electromagnetics.

Force Blast CapacityEdit

The Photonic Cannon has a heavy blast capacity of:

  • Low Blast Range: Blastwave range: 20 mil.
  • Medium Blast Range:Blastwave range: 420 mil.
  • Heavy (Maximum) Blast Range: Blastwave range: 1 Large planetoid or moon

Heavy Utility UsesEdit

A Photonic Cannon can also be used as a:

  • Heavy Demolitions System, used of moving, destroying or quickly moving a large celestial body(s).
Photonic Cannon Blast 01

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