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Philomena Kasun












Federation, formerly Starfleet



Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer (2367-2370), Chief Flight Control Officer (2370-2376)


USS Pioneer (2367–2376)


2373 Command Ensign (2367) 2373 Command Lieutenant JG (2370)


Inactive (Resigned, 2376)


Marital Status:



Philomena "Phil" Kasun was a Human Starfleet officer.


Philomena Kasun was born in 2346. Early on, she took the nickname “Phil”. Later she said she never thought “Philomena” suited her and described it as a “bit of a mouthful”. Kasun attended Starfleet Academy from 2363 to 2367.

Upon her graduation, Kasun was assigned to the USS Pioneer as assistant chief flight control officer. In 2370, she was promoted to lieutenant junior grade and made chief flight control officer after her former supervisor Adriana Watley advanced to the command division. She remained in that position until her resignation from Starfleet in early 2376.

During her time on the Pioneer, Kasun experienced a great deal of growth, both professionally and personally. As a newly commissioned officer in a position of great responsibility, she was initially unsure of herself and her place. As she acclimated herself to life aboard a starship, aided by her close friendships with Watley and Tolly Gerard, she became more confident in her skills and ably took the place of her highly respected predecessor.


Philomena "Phil" Kasun c. 2360s


Adriana WatleyEdit

Kasun's relationship with Adriana Watley was probably both the most complicated and the most important she would ever form. They formed a close friendship that spanned at least nine years and enriched both their lives but also brought its share of pain.

Their relationship had a less than auspicious start. Due to the delay of a transport ship on Starbase 5, Watley, along with Tolly Gerard and Ceri Powell, didn't arrive on the Pioneer until nearly the day of the launch. Nearly all of the crew, including Kasun, were already aboard. Shortly after Watley and Gerard's arrival, they visited the bridge. Kasun was also there, doing some work at the helm console, and she observed the two officers as they entered. She felt an immediate attraction to Watley, though she didn't realize who she was until Sara Thales introduced Watley to Kasun shortly thereafter. Watley, thinking back to her own awkward early days in Starfleet, befriended her. Even as the friendship blossomed, Kasun struggled with her feelings for her commanding officer. Watley became aware of Kasun's particular affinity for her, but they avoided discussing it for some time.

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